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Last Updated: May 28, 2022 Reading Time: 5 min

New World Weapon Perk Mods

Every Weapon Ability in New World has a corresponding Perk that can be found on armor and weapons. Most of the perks scale in power with the Gear Score of the item they are on. It’s important to note that you can only benefit from one instance of a weapon ability perk at a time. You can obtain the weapon perks randomly from drops or you can craft gear with the specific perk on it. You can enhance your chance of obtaining a specific perk by utilizing timeless shards.

It is recommended that you apply the specific weapon perks to your armor because these perks can be applied to either the weapon the perks pertain to or any piece of armor. There are other perks, such as enchanted and vicious that can only be applied to weapons. So, your perk slots for your weapons should be reserved for the perks that can only be applied to weapons. Below is a list of all the weapons and their corresponding Perks and Crafting Mods in New World.


Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Enfeebling Poison ShotSteel Bow Charm
Energizing Evade ShotStarmetal Bow Charm
Fortifying Rain of ArrowsOrichalcum Bow Charm
Penetrating Rapid ShotReinforced Steel Bow Charm
Refreshing Penetrating ShotReinforced Starmetal Bow Charm
Empowering Splinter ShotReinforced Orichalcum Bow Charm


Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Exhaustive Net ShotSteel Blunderbuss Charm
Leeching Shrapnel BlastStarmetal Blunderbuss Charm
Venturing Claw ShotOrichalcum Blunderbuss Charm
Plagued Splitting GrenadeReinforced Steel Blunderbuss Charm
Resupplying Mortar ChargeReinforced Starmetal Blunderbuss Charm
Crippling Blast ShotReinforced Orichalcum Blunderbuss Charm

Fire Staff

Weapon Ability Perk Crafting Mods
Accelerating FlamethrowerReinforced Starmetal Fire Staff Charm
Siphoning IncinerateReinforced Steel Fire Staff Charm
Efficient BurnoutReinforced Orichalcum Fire Staff Charm
Refreshing Pillar of FireSteel Fire Staff Charm
Empowering Meteor ShowerStarmetal Fire Staff Charm
Empowering FireballOrichalcum Fire Staff Charm

Great Axe

Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Refreshing ChargeSteel Great Axe Charm
Crippling ReapStarmetal Great Axe Charm
Mending ExecuteOrichalcum Great Axe Charm
Fortifying WhirlwindReinforced Steel Great Axe Charm
Enfeebling MaelstromReinforced Starmetal Great Axe Charm
Insatiable Gravity WellReinforced Orichalcum Great Axe Charm


Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Energizing Feral RushSteel Hatchet Charm
Keen BerserkStarmetal Hatchet Charm
Refreshing TorrentOrichalcum Hatchet Charm
Energizing Rending ThrowReinforced Steel Hatchet Charm
Vorpal Distancing ThrowReinforced Starmetal Hatchet Charm
Mending Infected ThrowReinforced Orichalcum Hatchet Charm

Ice Gauntlet

Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Pylon BurstReinforced Orichalcum Ice Gauntlet Charm
Deadly FrostReinforced Starmetal Ice Gauntlet Charm
Healing TombReinforced Steel Ice Gauntlet Charm
Iced RefreshOrichalcum Ice Gauntlet Charm
Unending ThawStarmetal Ice Gauntlet Charm
Unbroken WindsSteel Ice Gauntlet Charm

Life Staff

Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Accelerating Light’s EmbraceReinforced Starmetal Life Staff Charm
Mending ProtectionReinforced Steel Life Staff Charm
Revitalizing BeaconReinforced Orichalcum Life Staff Charm
Refreshing Divine EmbraceSteel Life Staff Charm
Fortifying Sacred GroundStarmetal Life Staff Charm
Energizing Splash of LightOrichalcum Life Staff Charm


Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Crippling Powder BurnSteel Musket Charm
Refreshing Power ShotStarmetal Musket Charm
Empowering Shooter’s StanceOrichalcum Musket Charm
Energizing Stopping PowerReinforced Steel Musket Charm
Accelerating TrapsReinforced Starmetal Musket Charm
Mending Sticky BombsReinforced Orichalcum Musket Charm


Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Keen TondoSteel Rapier Charm
Energizing FlourishStarmetal Rapier Charm
Leeching FlurryOrichalcum Rapier Charm
Sundering RiposteReinforced Steel Rapier Charm
Omnidirectional EvadeReinforced Starmetal Rapier Charm
Refreshing FlecheReinforced Orichalcum Rapier Charm

Sword and Shield

Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Repulsing Shield BashSteel Shield Charm
Fortifying Shield RushStarmetal Shield Charm
Accelerated Defiant StanceOrichalcum Shield Charm
Contagious Reverse StabSteel Sword Charm
Empowering Whirling BladeStarmetal Sword Charm
Empowering Leaping StrikeOrichalcum Sword Charm


Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Bleeding SweepSteel Spear Charm
Sundering JavelinStarmetal Spear Charm
Leeching CycloneOrichalcum Spear Charm
Fortifying PerforateReinforced Steel Spear Charm
Enfeebling SkewerReinforced Starmetal Spear Charm
Keen Vault KickReinforced Orichalcum Spear Charm

Void Gauntlet

Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Voracious BladeSteel Void Gauntlet Charm
Nullifying OblivionStarmetal Void Gauntlet Charm
Putrefying ScreamOrichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm
Diminishing OrbSteel Void Gauntlet Charm
Slowing TetherStarmetal Void Gauntlet Charm
Empowering RuptureOrichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm

War Hammer

Weapon Ability PerkCrafting Mods
Repulsing Clear OutReinforced Starmetal War Hammer Charm
Sundering ShockwaveReinforced Steel War Hammer Charm
Leeching Path of DestinyReinforced Orichalcum War Hammer Charm
Empowering Armor BreakerSteel War Hammer Charm
Refreshing Mighty GavelStarmetal War Hammer Charm
Penetrating Wrecking BallOrichalcum War Hammer Charm

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