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New World Fort Buffs Quick Chart

Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

When your faction takes control over a fort in any territory there is a global buff that will be rewarded to your faction. Once you lose control of that fort your faction loses the global buff. Below is a quick reference chart for the global Fort Buffs in New World. 

Territory Fort    | Global Buff
Brightwood        | Reduced Housing Taxes -5%
Ebonscale Reach   | Reduced Refining Taxes -5%
Everfall          | Reduced Trading Taxes -5%
Mourningdale      | Increased Expedition Rewards +5%
Reekwater         | Reduced Crafting Taxes -5%
Restless Shore    | Increased Corruption Breach Rewards +5%
Weaver’s Fen      | Increased Faction Mission Rewarded +5%
Windsward         | Increased Gathering Quantity +10%

Along with the Global Buff your faction will receive a territory specific buff for each fort that is owned. Each fort you capture will provide you with a bonus influence of +20% and bonus Experience of +5% in that specific territory.

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Please note that the following fort buffs no longer work. Patch 1.4 that was released on 02/28/2022 adjusted the fast travel cost significantly, and subsequently removed the effect of the following buffs. The developers have stated that these buffs will be reworked in the future. 

Territory Fort    | Global Buff
Cutlass Keys      | Lower Fast Travel Base cost -50%
First Light       | Lower Fast Travel Weight Cost Reduced to 1 per 10 weight
Monarch’s Bluff   | Lower Fast Travel Distance Cost | Reduced to 0

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