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Beginners Guide to Consumables in New World

Updated as of last patch on 09/08/2021

New World has a diverse selection of consumables to offer to it's players, complimenting its in-depth crafting system.  Here is a quick guide to the types of consumables available in New World.

  • FOOD  - Food is the main way to obtain health, mana, and stamina regeneration in New World.  Food can also provide a boost to your primary stat of choice.  There are also trade skill foods that give you a boost to both gathering and crafting trades.   Food can be looted or crafted by the cooking profession. For an in depth look at food and the cooking profession you can check out our complete cooking guide
  • POTIONS - These include classic varieties of health, stamina, and mana potions, regeneration potions, and tinctures that will remove the blight and corruption afflictions. Included in this group of consumables, are weapon coatings. Weapon coatings can give you an offensive boost to a specific enemy type.  There are also absorption and ward potions that will increase your damage absorption against certain types of mobs and elements.  Most potions are crafted by the Arcana profession though some are made by Engineering. For an in depth look at potions and how to craft them you can check out our complete Arcana guide
  • HONING STONES and INCENSE - These are powerful consumables that can increase your ability do deal or take damage.  Honing Stones are crafted by the weaponsmithing profession and are used to increase your overall weapon damage.   Incense is crafted by the furnishing profession and increases your resistance to damage from all sources.  
  • DYES - used to dye clothing or armor.  Dye can be obtained through both basic crafting, purchased from faction reps, or looted in the open world.
  • BAIT - These consumables are used for the fishing profession in order to increase your chance to catch a larger fish.  Bait comes in both salt and fresh water variants.  You can loot bait or it can be crafted by the Cooking profession.
  • TUNING ORBS - tuning orbs grant access to Expeditions and Arena's and can be obtained through drops and are crafted by the Stonemasonry profession.  
  • REPAIR KITS - Crafted items that can  fully repairs any piece of equipment of the appropriate tier.  
  • AMMUNITION - Arrows and cartridges.  These consumables are required to use both the bow and the musket and are crafted by the engineering profession.  

-- redbyrd