Wci膮偶 jeste艣my w trakcie t艂umaczenia witryny na ten j臋zyk, wi臋c napotkasz brakuj膮ce t艂umaczenia. Artyku艂y i przewodniki s膮 obecnie dost臋pne tylko w j臋zyku angielskim. Je艣li chcesz pom贸c nam w t艂umaczeniu, do艂膮cz do naszego Discord.

馃 Stagmoon Defenders*馃寵

Region: EU | Serwer: Undecided | Frakcja: Marauders | J臋zyk: English | Skupienie: PvX | Rozmiar: 51+ | Rekrutacja: Yes

Stagmoon* is a PVX-focused Marauder* company founded in Beta on the EU Sculptor server where we quickly established ourselves as one of the front running companies. We are currently looking for players to join both our first mainly PvP focused and second mainly PvE focused companies. Limited spots are available for the first company and applicants with War experience will take priority as it is such a vital part of owning territories. Our PvE company is targeted more for crafters, expeditions, and casual players.

We prioritise Faction above Company and Company above Self and strife to maintain server balance above all.聽

Achievements during Beta:
  • First company to 100 players聽
  • First Marauder territory聽
  • First War Declaration聽
  • First Marauders to attain 2nd territory

We plan to organize and plan during the downtime after BETA on Discord, sorting out strategies and responsibilities for launch. During the BETA we experienced all major mechanics and are ready to use the experienced gain to improve and conquer.聽

Main Experiences during Beta:
  • Leveling efficiency
  • Weapon META's and combinations
  • Crafting and gathering proficiencies聽
  • Settlement management and upgrades
  • Wars mechanics as both Vanguard and Defenders
  • Economic manipulation聽

German players, looking for companies can get in contact since we have close ties with both a German Marauder and聽 Convent company

Join our Discord. (https://discord.gg/sw2ZURn4qA) or add me on Prickly#6133

*Subject to change