Wci膮偶 jeste艣my w trakcie t艂umaczenia witryny na ten j臋zyk, wi臋c napotkasz brakuj膮ce t艂umaczenia. Artyku艂y i przewodniki s膮 obecnie dost臋pne tylko w j臋zyku angielskim. Je艣li chcesz pom贸c nam w t艂umaczeniu, do艂膮cz do naszego Discord.

馃憫 TOAST. NA EAST. Over 2,500 people 馃憫

Region: NAEAST | Serwer: Undecided | Frakcja: Covenant | J臋zyk: English | Skupienie: PvX | Rozmiar: 51+ | Rekrutacja: Yes

<TOAST> | Covenant (might change for launch) | NA East | English | PvX | 18+. Over 2,500 members ready to go for launch! come dominate the map with us!

<Toast> is a member-driven MMO gaming community, composed of a diverse group of adults from all walks of life, but all committed to having fun. Toast has been to multiple events such as blizzcon/comicon/sakuracon, etc, and we welcome all peoples to join us, pve or pvp, we are just looking to welcome more members to play games with us!

Toast leadership has been in place for almost 15 years, across all of our games. We have been in "world first" races, as well as tournaments and competitions, but even with that level of competition, we are still looking for people that just want to have a good time. If you are hardcore, or even casual... you have a home here.

During this last beta, we held 3-4 territories, and also worked closely with other companies to help them take land too. So we really do our best to be as hardcore as we can... but not at the cost of the server, or not helping others have a good gaming experience too.

Please feel free to DM me directly, or add Coop#1337

We have a partnered discord with perma link: