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Open World PvP and Faction Control Points

Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

In this guide you'll find the following:
Open World PvP & Incentives to Flag
Faction Control Points & Bonuses
PvP Faction Missions

Open World PvP & Incentives to Flag

In New World, participating in open world PvP is optional. You can participate in open world PvP by flagging yourself for PvP once you complete the prerequisite quests and join a faction. 

Once in a faction you can flag up for PvP at any settlement by going into the settlement and pressing the default key of “U” Once activated there is a PvP cooldown timer upon leaving the settlement. Once this timer expires, you are then eligible to be attacked or can attack other flagged players that are in an opposing faction in the open world at any time. 

The incentives for flagging up for PvP are as follows:

  • You will gain experience, faction tokens, and item rewards when you kill another player in the open world. It’s important to point out that the player you kill does NOT drop any items. The rewards are based on how long the player has been alive while flagged, and rewards will only drop after a minimum threshold. 
  • While flagged you can participate in PvP Faction missions that will reward you with faction tokens, experience, and help your faction undermine an opposing territory. You can accept these missions at your applicable faction representative in any settlement. 
  • While flagged for PvP you will also receive 50% less durability damage when you die to another player. This will apply to both your equipped items and the gear you have in your backpack. 
  • 10% XP Bonus while flagged for PvP (Does not apply when in Expeditions)
  • 10% Luck Bonus while flagged for PvP 
  • 30% Gathering Luck Bonus while flagged for PvP

Also when flagged for PvP, choosing to respawn at a camp activates an incrementally increasing respawn cooldown. If you choose to respawn elsewhere, such as at a settlement, the cooldown will continue counting in the background. If you die while the cooldown is counting down, the time increment will be added to the current value. This makes respawning at a settlement and running back into the fray a good way for players to lower their camp cooldown. 

Faction Control Points

Another form of open world PvP in New World are the Faction Control Points. Faction control points are located inside the Fort in each territory. This type of PvP is much different than sieges. Anyone can walk into a Fort at any time while flagged for PvP in the open world and contest the Faction Control Point in a territory. 

Players can capture these points by having more members of their faction inside the point than the other factions. Forts that have been captured will remain captured until a different Faction either claims the fort themselves or wins a War for the territory. 

  • You must be flagged to enter a claimed Fort to contest and try to gain control for your Faction. 
  • It takes 5 minutes for a solo player to capture the fort, and the time required decreases as you add more people. A full group of 5 will capture a point in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 
  • Control points will be activated 60 minutes after a War or Invasion is completed
  • Controlling Points a fort provides a 5% increase to experience gain and 20% increase to influence within that territory for faction members.

Each fort has a unique global buff that is provided to the controlling faction:

  • Windsward – Increases volume of items gained when gathering by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Everfall – Reduces trading taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Brightwood – Reduces housing taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Weavers Fen – Increases coin, experience, territory standing and faction token rewards from Faction Missions by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Restless Shore – Increases coins, experience, and faction token rewards from Corrupted Breaches by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Mourningdale – Increases coin and experience rewards from Expeditions by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Ebonscale Reach - Reduces refining taxes by 5% for controlling faction.
  • Reekwater – Reduces crafting taxes by 5% for controlling faction.

It is important to note that there are participation limits to the area near forts to ensure that battles over faction control points do not hurt server performance. If that limit is reached and you enter the area you will be automatically teleported back to the settlement in that territory after a warning.

You may notice some of the forts state that you can earn some pretty significant discounts to fast travel via territory ownership and owning forts the various territories. 
  • First Light – Reduces fast travel weight costs from 5 azoth per 10 weight down to 1 azoth per 10 weight for controlling faction.
  • Monarchs Bluff – Reduces fast travel distance costs from 5 azoth per 1000 meters down to 0 azoth.
  • Cutlass Keys – Reduces base Azoth cost of fast travel by 50% for controlling faction.
However, with patch 1.4 owning those forts will no longer grant fast travel bonuses as the cost was reworked to be a flat 20 Azoth with a -10 Azoth discount when travelling within the same territory. 
PvP Faction Missions

Both PvP and PvE faction missions are available from your applicable faction representative in any settlement. These missions can be completed in exchange for rewards. PvP missions will help your faction undermine the territory in which the faction missions are being completed in, and they will reward you with faction reputation, faction tokens and coin. You must be flagged for PvP in order to accept the missions. If you unflag yourself you will automatically abandon the mission, and if you die during your PvP mission you will fail the mission (exception for the Intercept mission type - see below), lose your progress, and will have to start the mission over. You will receive a 10x coin bonus for your first 3 faction missions completed each day (this applies to either PvP or PvE or a combination of the 2).

There are several different types of PvP missions:
  • Assassinate - Challenge players to take out specific high-threat foes.
  • Elite - Send players to take on Aeternum's most dangerous villains and their minions. These missions are higher difficulty with a higher reward. It's recommended that you bring a friend.
  • Control Points - Seize control of a Fort.
  • Intercept - Defeat enemy faction members and collect their tears. This is an exception to the "die and lose your progress" rule. If you die your progress does not restart for this mission type and you can turn this mission type into any faction vendor and receive credit in the territory in which you turn it in. 
  • War Camp Loot - Retrieve hidden plans at the enemy’s war camp

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