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New World Addresses Server Issues and Exploits

New World made an official post on the forums today concerning the server issues experienced by players.  In the post, they noted they have made great strides in server performance and, though they still have rare crashes, they feel comfortable with the progress they have made during beta. 

New World goes on to mention that with the progress they have made in performance, they will now be focusing on bugs and exploits.  The team expects to be able to address a large amount of these bugs during the closed beta period and stated that during launch, bugs and exploits will be their first priority.  New World went on to say that they will take action against players taking advantage of identified exploits to provide a level playing field for all.  These actions could include account rollbacks and removal of ANY gain that was obtained from using them.    To read all of the official post, check out the New World forums Closed Beta Update - English Community / Official News - New World Test Forums
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