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How Gear Score and Expertise Works in New World

Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

In this guide you will find the following:

Expertise Explanation
How the Expertise System Works
What is Gypsum
How to Obtain Gypsum
How to Use Gypsum
How to Increase Your Expertise / Gear Score
Solo/Small Group Options for Increasing Your Expertise / Gear Score
How Luck Affects Your Expertise
Expertise and Gear Effectiveness
Progress Past 600 Expertise & Gear Score

Expertise Explanation

New World has a system called the Expertise System that affects your in game gear score. Expertise refers to your maximum gear score of a particular item. 

For example, if you have a helmet that is gear score 500, you kill a mob and that mob drops a helmet with a gear score of 510, the 510 is now your new Expertise for your gear score for your helmet slot. So, moving forward as long as you're killing mobs that are capable of dropping items in that range, the range of items dropped for your helmet will now be in the 510 range. 

The same logic applies to all of your gear slots. Light, Medium, and heavy armor all share the same Expertise score. The score is governed by item slot and not by item type for armor. However, It’s important to note that each weapon type has an independent Expertise score. So, for example, your Expertise for your hatchet will not be the same as the expertise for your fire staff.

**The Max level of Expertise you can have on an item utilizing the Gypsum system and via drops is 600. However your Expertise can push to 625 utilizing the Umbral Shard System

How the Expertise System Works

The Expertise System kicks in when your character reaches level 60 and it governs the power of gear drops you receive as you progress towards more powerful areas in New World.

When an enemy or a container drops a piece of gear, a gear score for that item is rolled. As you level your gear score naturally progresses with your level, however once you reach the level cap the gear score mechanic changes. 

Once you hit level 60, your base gear score cap is adjusted to 500, and will gradually increase to a maximum of 600 as more powerful drops are obtained. Item drops affect your Expertise score the moment the item drops. This means you do not have to equip or even pick the item up for your Expertise to increase. You can also increase your Expertise for a gear slot of your choosing by earning your daily Gypsum from various activities (More on Gypsum below). 

You can see your current Expertise for a particular item when in your Gear Score / Inventory screen by looking at the indicators listed beside each type of gear. 

Very important to note that you can equip items of a higher gear score, however, simply equipping an item from purchasing it or crafting it will NOT increase your Expertise for that gear slot. 

Also very important to note that not all enemies and containers are created equal. Each level beyond level 60 enemies have a soft upper limit on the likelihood of receiving an Expertise increase. Similarly, event reward containers, such as outpost rush, will respect your current Expertise and will also have a chance of increasing it. 

Therefore, in order to see a receive consistent Expertise increases you should reference the following:

500-530 - Level 61 Enemies
530-560 - Level 62 Enemies
560-590 - Level 63 Enemies
590-600 - Level 64+ Enemies

You can also utilize Gypsum for a guaranteed increase for a particular item slot (more about Gypsum below)

The system is not fully random. Each time you defeat a level 60+ enemy and do not receive a gear item that increases it’s Expertise for that particular item slot, you’re slightly more likely to see an increase the next time. 

Also, enemies found in elite landmarks and expeditions have a higher base chance of dropping items that increase your Expertise score. As do level 60+ named enemies and Expedition Bosses will ALWAYS drop an item that increases your Expertise.

What is Gypsum

Gypsum is a resource that is found by doing a variety of end game activities. It can be crafted into Gypsum orbs which are then crafted into Gypsum Casts. A Gypsum cast is crafted for a specific type of gear, and when it’s opened it will guarantee an Expertise increase for that specific gear type, and you will receive an item of that type that will have the corresponding gear score. 

For example, if you really want to increase your fire staff Expertise then you can craft a fire staff Gypsum Cast and receive a guaranteed increase to your fire staff gear score along with a fire staff that has that increase of gear score associated with it. 

How to Obtain Gypsum

You can obtain Gypsum by engaging in 8 different activities as follows:

  • Obsidian Gypsum – Defeating level 60+ open world named bosses, typically found in Elite Landmarks OR Rafflebones
  • Sapphire Gypsum – Defeating the final bosses of The Lazarus Instrumentality and Garden of Genesis
  • Ruby Gypsum – Rewarded for completing an Outpost Rush Match (Must obtain at least 501 points to get the reward)
  • Emerald Gypsum – Rewarded when you gain an aptitude level
  • Citrine Gypsum – Rewarded for completing an Arena
  • Amethyst Gypsum – Rewarded for completing corrupted breaches
  • Topaz Gypsum – Found on hostile creatures Level 55+, but only after consuming a special Attunement Potion that can be crafted at a Tier 5 Camp or Arcana Station.
  • Diamond Gypsum - Can be obtained from a Bag of Juniper Berries (Can receive 3 bags per day) and Hidden Stashes. It is also an event Gypsum that can only be found during certain events, such as Winter Convergence, at certain times during the year. 

You can also purchase on a daily Gypsum Orb from your Faction vendor. The orb costs 7,000 faction tokens to purchase.

Quests in Reekwater, Shattered Mountain, and Ebonscale Reach will now award Gypsum Orbs with the latest Heart of Madness patch, and you can get an orb from completing one of the two Tempest Heart repeatable Expedition Quests. 

Each type of activity is a unique Gypsum, meaning you can not mix and match the Gypsum to Create an Orb. It takes 1 orb to create the Cast. Therefore, you must complete the above activities enough times to gain enough Gypsum to create an Orb of that type as follows: 

  • Obsidian - 3 Gypsum Needed
  • Sapphire - 1 Gypsum Needed
  • Ruby - 2 Gypsum Needed
  • Emerald - 1 Gypsum Needed
  • Citrine - 1 Gypsum Needed
  • Amethyst - 7 Gypsum Needed
  • Topaz - 10 Gypsum Needed
  • Diamond - 3 Gypsum Needed

After crafting the Orb you can then use the Orb to create a Cast of your choosing. Each type of Cast requires 1 Orb to craft.  

You can obtain multiple casts in a day by performing multiple of the above activities. There is a  daily cooldown on obtaining Gypsum of a particular type. After you have earned enough Gypsum to craft an orb you will no longer be rewarded Gypsum of that type from that particular activity. You can only obtain enough gypsum of each type to craft one cast a day, with the exception of a sapphire and citrine gypsum. You can obtain 2 of each sapphire and citrine each day. 

For example, you can run 2 Outpost Rush matches and receive 2 Gypsum to create your cast. If you run a 3rd Outpost Rush match you will not receive a Gypsum because it will then be on the daily cooldown (Resets at 5am server time) . You could, however, then move on to running corrupted breaches to earn additional Gypsum of that type for a second cast. 

You can obtain and keep Gypsum to later craft the Gypsum Orbs and Casts, but the cooldown timer will still be in effect. So, you can not stack 100 Gypsum and then simply craft 100 Casts in a day. There is no cooldown when crafting orbs, but there the daily cooldown when crafting the casts. 

The Topaz Gypsum works slightly differently than the other Gypsums. Obtaining the Topaz Gypsum only requires killing hostile enemies (not elites, any enemy) level 55+. 

Because of this you will have to craft an Attunement potion at a camp or Arcana Station in order to be eligible to receive the Topaz Gypsum Drops. This potion can only be crafted once per day and only lasts for 60 minutes. You must obtain the required amount of Gypsum within that 60 minute timeframe or you will have to wait until the daily cooldown before you can craft another potion to obtain more. 

How to Use Gypsum

Once you have received enough Gypsum to craft an Orb you will then need to make your way to one of the higher level zone outposts to a Kiln. The Kilns are only available in the End Game Zones:

Ebonscale Reach Settlement
Reekwater Settlement
Great Cleave Outposts 
Edengrove Outposts
Shattered Mountain Outposts

Once at a Kiln you can then use it to craft your Orb and to craft your Cast. Crafting Both the Orb and the Cast will cost a minimal amount of coin. 

After you have your cast you can then use it to obtain your guaranteed bump in Expertise for that particular gear slot. The guaranteed increase ranges from 2 Expertise up to 5 Expertise. However, the maximum of 5 begins to scale down the closer you get to 600 Expertise for a particular gear piece. It takes on average 40 Casts to go from 500 - 600 Expertise. 

It’s important to note that you can earn a maximum of 8 Gypsum Casts within the daily cooldown (this includes special event Gypsum). However, you can only utilize 1 Gypsum Cast per Gear slot per the daily cooldown (Resets at 5am Server Time). This is because of the daily cooldown on each type of Cast.

For example, you can not craft 8 Gypsum Casts for your Great Axe and increase the Expertise for that weapon 8 times in one day utilizing the Gypsum System. You would only be able to receive that 1 guaranteed bump for you Great Axe using the system, and would have to use the other 7 casts on 7 different gear slots. However, you could still obtain a random drop that increases your Expertise for a particular gear slot by doing other activities (Elite Chests, Outpost Rush, etc). 

How to Increase Your Expertise / Gear Score

The most optimal way to increase your Expertise is via the Gypsum System as crafting a Gypsum Cast will guarantee an Expertise Boost for your chosen gear slot. However, coupling gypsum with the random expertise bumps from other activities, such as outpost rush, expeditions, and chest runs will help you push your Expertise up quickly.

The 3 most valuable Gypsum that you will want to obtain are both the Sapphire, Citrine Gypsum, and Ruby Gypsum. This is because bosses in both Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality will give you a guaranteed random bump in Expertise score, along with a Sapphire Gypsum that can be crafted into a Gypsum Cast for another guaranteed bump. You will also have the opportunity to receive additional bumps via the chests located in the dungeons. The Ruby Gypsum is valuable because you can run 2 Outpost Rush matches per day to obtain your Gypsum, and those Outpost Rush matches also have a good chance at giving you a random expertise bump as well. 

Also, in order to obtain the Citrine Gypsum you will have to defeat an Arena boss. Upon defeating the arena boss you will receive a random guaranteed Expertise bump and your Citrine Gypsum that can be crafted into a Gypsum Cast.  

In addition to the Gypsum System you can also farm Elite Zones and loot all of the Elite chests in the applicable areas for your level for a chance at a random Expertise bump. 

However, this does require a group. It’s recommended that when farming these areas you take no more than 2 groups with a total of 10 people. This will ensure both groups get a drop from the bosses that are killed, as well as the elite chests that are looted. 

If 3 groups are taken, only the 2 groups that have done the most DPS to the boss will receive the drop, thus lowering your chances of receiving loot from the boss. 

The Elite Chests will drop a couple items per chest, each with an opportunity to increase your Expertise as long as you’re in the appropriate level range for your current Expertise. 

Even though Expedition bosses for the late game dungeons do guarantee an Expertise increase, the cost of making the tuning orbs makes running them consistently pretty expensive. Therefore, this is a less expensive alternative. 

The following are the areas that should be farmed according to your current Expertise in order to have a better chance at receiving a random Expertise Bump from the Elite Chests and bosses are as follows (You can farm the higher level zones at lower Expertise to receive Expertise Bumps, but once your Expertise reaches a certain threshold the lower level areas become less viable for Expertise increases):

500-525 (Elite 61+) 

Gear Score 525-577 (Elite 63+)

Gear Score 577-600 (Elite 64+) 

Dungeons or Arenas 

It’s very important to keep in mind that the Elite Chests are on a 5am Server Reset timer. So, you can run your routes to farm the Elite zones, and then you can move into 60+ Portals to increase your gear score as well. You can also run Outpost Rush, but it has a very small chance of gear score increase (unless you're getting Gypsum), so it’s not an optimal way to increase your Expertise. 

Solo/Small Group Options for Increasing Your Expertise / Gear Score

Utilizing the Gypsum System is the optimal method of increasing your Expertise as a solo player. You can solo queue daily for Outpost Rush for guaranteed Expertise Increases via the Gypsum system. You also have the options as a solo player to obtain Emerald Gypsum, and to obtain Topaz Gypsum by farming level 55+ hostile creatures.

Farming Bosses, such as the boss spawn in Spryla Tower, are not a very effective method of increasing your Gear Score solo. The drop rate for Expertise increase is exceptionally low for the soloable bosses so farming Gypsum would be a much better option. 

However, it is possible to loot the chests in most Elite Zones as a solo player without killing the bosses. You can utilize our interactive map and plot a course for the Elite Chests in each zone. This often does require some climbing up mountains / dashing on rooftops to complete, but it can be done in an efficient manner. 

How Luck Affects Your Expertise

Higher Luck does not directly increase the chance of increasing your Expertise. However, luck does improve your chances of getting rarer drops when farming for a higher Expertise.

Expertise and Gear Effectiveness

Expertise also governs the effectiveness of your gear. This means that if your Hatchet Expertise is 500, and you equip a 560 Gear Score Hatchet, then your effective gear score for that weapon will be reduced to 530. The effectiveness of the Gear Score will be reduced to half - This half is between whatever your Expertise is for a particular piece of gear and the Gear score of the gear you are equipping.

Any item obtained prior to this change (which went live with the 01/25/2022 patch) will be grandfathered in. So, any items that have been crafted, earned for a quest, or purchased from the faction shop will not be affected by this change. So, if you purchase a Gear Score 600 timer prior to the change it will NOT be scaled down to your Expertise (if lower than 600) when the change is implemented on the live servers. 

It’s important to point out that the item will retain its inherent Gear Score. Therefore, as your Expertise increases for that slot the effective Gear Score will also scale up for that item. So, using the same example above, if you have Expertise 520 for your hatchet and equip the 560 hatchet once you reach 530 Expertise for the hatchet your power will increase to 530 for that same 560 hatchet. 

Also important to note that you will still gain benefits from all perks and attributes on the higher gear score item. However, they will be scaled down in power as well. This is important because perks are very powerful. So, when you equip a Legendary Item you will not receive full effectiveness, but you will still be at an advantage because of the perks associated with that Legendary item. You can then grow into the item as your Expertise Increases.

Progress Past 600 Expertise & Gear Score

Once you reach 600 Expertise you can then begin utilizing the Umbral Shard System to upgrade items from 590 and higher up to gear score 625. When utilizing this system you will also receive Expertise bumps up to 625 for each item slot that you upgrade. For more information see the Umbral Shards Guide.

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