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Buffs Debuffs and Damage Over Time Effects in New World

Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

The below is a quick reference guide to all Buffs, Debuffs, and Damage Over Time Effects in New World. 

Effect  | Description
Cleanse | Removes and provides immunity to all debuffs.
Empower | Increases attack damage.
Fortify | Increases damage absorption.
Haste   | Increases run and/or sprint speed.
Heal    | Restores health over time.

Effect  | Description
Slow    | Reduces run and/or sprint speed.
Rend    | Reduce damage absorption.
Weaken  | Reduces attack damage.
Disease | Reduces healing.
Exhaust | Reduces stamina regeneration.
Silence | Disables abilities but allows basic attacks.
Root    | Disables movement but allows basic attacks and abilities.
Stun    | Disables all actions.

Damage Over Time Effects:
Effect       | Description
Burn         | Applies Fire damage over time.
Bleed        | Applies Standard damage over time.
Poison       | Applies Magic damage over time.
Shock        | Applies Stamina damage over time.
Disintegrate | Applies Weapon damage over time and reduces damage absorption. 

It's important to note that the generic status effect categories are capped so they'll never exceed certain values no matter how many different status effects are applied. See the caps below:

  • Rend 30%
  • Fortify 50%
  • Haste 50% (the Haste Elixir from the siege armory ignores the cap)
  • Slow 50%
  • Empower 50%
  • Weaken 50%
  • Disease 50%

Mutation Debuffs:
Certain mutations will have different debuffs on the party based on the mutation of the expedition. For example the Curse Censored will have a debuff on the player showing the ability count. These buffs are mostly informational so you can keep track of events in a mutation more than anything else. For more information about Mutation effects please check out the mutation guide.
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