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PoochSnoocher8750, Il y a 7 months
@atinozor you get the bleed from keenly jagged on the spear
theraven4242, Il y a 8 months
so my gear score is only 556 right now but i only crit in pvp for like 1700 what am i doing wrong? when i get hit with bow i get hit for like 4k i dont understand why i do no damage
atinozor, Il y a 8 months
Do we need bleed them first to use Exposed Wounds passive? If yes, how ? As i see, only bleeding skill is Skewer but we dont use it with this build.
Durddyn, Il y a 8 months
Nice guide, i'm using the same build

Soemtimes i swap Evade shot for rain of arrows. but the reste is the same

and the most important it s fun to play
Mons2820, Il y a 9 months
@Philur CC chain doesnt work, i asked my mate to spam dodge right after i use Sweep on him. And after 2nd tick of Perforate he dodgerolled away. Thats it
Mons2820, Il y a 9 months
@Philur ive just tested in duel with my mate this CC chain and... it doesnt work. 
I asked him to spam dodge right after i use Sweep on him. So i used Sweep into Perforate and after 2nd tick of Perforate he successfully dodgerolled away and got no stagger.
Sovgodt, Il y a 9 months
Hey Philur :)
Thank you for a cool build! I have lots of fun playing it!

There is only 1 thing i dont understand that well in the guide.
How much of the stats (str, dex, con) comes from points set and from gear. 
For example it say at Strenght: 5 (20)
Does that mean 5 is base and 20 is points put in? 
Or does it mean 5 is base+gear stats and 20 is points put in?
Have a hard time seeing what exactly you put in as points from levels, and what comes from gear. Proberly me that has no clue but can you explain it for me then that would be awesome :)
Sovgodt from Musphelheim
kwaidan0812, Il y a 9 months
Hi Philur

Very good and detailed guide, i am wondering as to some of your picks though and why you have focused so much on stam gain by either one or the other perk.

Precise Jabs , Crippling Jabs , Unerring Precision and Exacerbating crits, 4 very important perks anyone should be using in pvp, but to each their own i guess, i'm just wondering why you left them out, its not like you focused on a heavy attack build, since spears don't get GRIT like str users do.
Shepsie0618, Il y a 9 months
Hey great guide, can we get a pic of your gear or anything? 
MrKoality, Il y a 10 months
Would you be able to do a guide like this for Spear and Musket? Since bow is kind of meh when it comes down to pvp since it isn't hitscan like the musket?
aris84, Il y a 10 months
hey man, where does Callous Javelin drop from ? can't find any info on it.
aris84, Il y a 10 months
Where does Callous Javelin drop from ? can't seem to find it anywhere online.
Elllchan3504, Il y a 10 months
Dear developer of the guide, you gave me a lot of different moments with your build, I just love playing for your build.

I would like to ask, wouldn't it be better to pump 100 strength and 200 dexterity? Because scaling from dexterity after LVL 200 is much less than spending points in strength.
Jaytoox6470, Il y a 10 months
Changing bow on the guide destroyed me :( i farmed so hard for it
Jaytoox6470, Il y a 10 months
Philur you destroyed me changing bow on the guide :( i farmed so hard for it xD now im lost on what to do
Drownee, Il y a 10 months
Love this build but sometimes Perforate spell is so bugged that hits doesn't land. So i prefer to use Javelin to have an heavy additional CC
Philur, Il y a 10 months
 @Jaytoox6470,  Hey mate. The gear i picked is not my official gear, i just used it to get max attributes so i could show how to spend the stats. I will update the gear soon :) 

@ GoGambit, depends on what kind of gear pieces you have on you but i would get as much dex as possible then get the 50 points in consitution!
GoGambit, Il y a 10 months
Hi, what is the order for attributes points? Thank you
Jaytoox6470, Il y a 10 months
Can i ask why you say light vs medium when the legendary armor you're using is heavy?

Philur, Il y a 10 months
@ xCaptainNemo, I usually try to use dodge as much as possible, so i weapon swap and then use dodge backwards to cancel the animation lock on the dodge then fire of the evasive shot. I always use animation cancel with my dodges. Look in FAQ to learn more about how you set it up if you dont know how to do it already :)

 @ Razagall, Thank you for reading it! You are welcome to swap around the passives to better suit your own playstyle, this is merely a guide for everyone to follow and is best fitting to my own playstyle. My reason for having the heavy attacks in there is because you sometimes have a bit of distance between you and the enemy and weaving in a heavy attack can gap close and deal much more damage then you would have done with a light attack. For your talent choices i think they are good! It should increase the timer of both rend debuff from Perforate and the bleed you apply with the weapon perk!

@  Rabbit121, Hey mate, that's great to hear! Glad you are enjoying your time with the build. The choice is open for everyone to swap around abilities, but i would not personally swap out Perforate, since it's one of the main things in the spear combo and it adds up to 30% increased damage on the target with the rend debuffs. If you have trouble hitting the Perforate attack, try aiming your crosshair downwards more during the attack animation, since it takes the direction in to account. It should not be hard to hit all 3 attacks and gain the benefit of all 3 rend stacks aswell as the stagger on the last hit :) Hope it helps!

@  h4wkz, Please read my thoughts about light vs medium in the FAQ section :)

@  grimfundango, That is a good option! You could also swap out Defensive Stance then as it only triggers with heavy attacks, Unerring Precision is a good choice if you want more damage against strength stacking builds or hatchet users with berserk active!

grimfundango, Il y a 10 months
Great build and I look forward to trying it tonight. I have one suggestion since I won't really be doing a lot of Heavy spear attacks and would be throwing more lights.

I would swap Defensive stance with Precise Jabs for higher crit chance. Good content man. 
h4wkz, Il y a 10 months
This build looks good, but do you think that normal equip weight is a good idea? I mean, don't we want to keep some distance when pvping with this build?
Rabbit121, Il y a 10 months
Hey brother first I would like to say that this was an amazing build and has gotten me lots of kills and praise in new world. I just wanted to reach out and ask what your thoughts on: Switching out Perforate for maybe Skewer or Javelin? Seen a lot of people run those variations and was just wondering what your thoughts are? I know Perforate is huge for the combo but I feel like it just misses a lot of the time (Maybe I'm doing something wrong). Thank you again for the build, really appreciate all the hard work you've put in!
Bloodified1491, Il y a 10 months
I think the left numbers are the ones you put in, and the + is the gear. Okay
Bloodified1491, Il y a 10 months
I'm level 60 and trying to understand how you put +186 in Dex, +18 Strength and +22 in Constitution.

We only get 190 points.
Razagall, Il y a 10 months
Hello, first of all thanks for the written guide, it helps me a lot to find something to play and I'm currently enjoyed it a lot, I found a lot of sucess with it in open world pvp however maybe it's me but I don't really like to press heavy attacks, I just prefer light attacks, it feels more smooth to play with it. It's why I'm asking to you : would you replace refreshing reach and defensive stance by something else like precise jabs and exacerbating crits (if it works with the bleed on the bow + the poison shot) 
xCaptainNemo, Il y a 10 months
At the "swap" in weapon combo, do you use a back dash into a swap before evasive shot to gain extra distance? Or do you find that an immediate swap into the evasive shot gives enough distance to warrant keeping the combo simple and consistent?
Mons2820, Il y a 10 months
@Elyrwin  i have a good picture for your question:

Translation from top to down:
heavy helmet
heavy body
medium gloves
light pants
medium boots

Elyrwin, Il y a 10 months
Hi Philur,

First, thanks a lot for your guide, it's awesome ! Spear style is really my favourite !

I read every comments and it seems like you forgot to reply to the second question of 0RealQuick : 

" 2. I read that I should run this build with medium armor when it comes to PVP. Could you tell me, which elements of my gear should be light, and which ones should be medium and heavy, to stay in medium weight? "

As I'm interested about that question too, could you give your opinion on it please ? Thank you very much !
Philur, Il y a 10 months
@DabSlingz, Hey thanks mate! I would probably swap Deadly Reach from the zoner tree to Deadly Consistency for more damage while spamming heavy attacks, since you can place yourself behind targets in dungeons you don't need the increased critical passives from the tree. I would also swap out Vault Kick for Skewer for a bit of a gap closer and a bleed debuff, which also grants you 20% damage buff for 10 seconds on critical. You could swap out Evasive Maneouvers for Exacerbating Crits to extend rend and the bleed debuff aswell. For bow, i would swap out Penetrating Shot for Rapid Shot and all the passives and you could swap Evasive Shot for Rain of Arrows for more damage. I think dodge should be enough to move around in dungeons.

@ kenn9668, Hey Kenn if you look at the answer i gave DabSlingz, you could play with Skewer if you like, but you are losing the main combo of this build if you remove perforate.

@topkek,  Exposed Wounds is a passive node you pick up in the skill tree.

@ FernandoS1699, Look futher down in the FAQ, there's your answer :)

@ 0RealQuick , 1: For spear Cruel IV +12% damage against targets with an active Crowd Control status effect (Slow, Stun, Root.), for bow you can use Brash IV+30% damage against targets with full Health for the opener shots. For gear  Ward IV | 2.5% Physical Damage Absorption or Slash Ward IV | +3.8% Slash Damage Absorption.
0RealQuick, Il y a 10 months
 Hi, thanks for the build. Its great to play. I have two questions regarding PVP. It's really important to me.
1. Which gem should I put to my bow, spear, helmet, chest, trousers, gloves, boots, amulet, earrings and ring for pvp?
2. I read that I should run this build with medium armor when it comes to PVP. Could you tell me, which elements of my gear should be light, and which ones should be medium and heavy, to stay in medium weight? 
ImmortalTHOR, Il y a 10 months
Aggressive Maneuvers only works with an ability hit, not any hit. So if you dodge into light or heavy, it does not trigger. But if you dodge and use any of your abilities, it does.
FernandoS1699, Il y a 10 months
Hello idk if you can share like a leveling tree with numbers or something that can be good as a guiadence? since i want to start lvl up a bow and spear! i hope you respond!
Topkek, Il y a 10 months
Bit confused, Searching for Perks on market and can't find Exposed Wounds.
kenn9668, Il y a 10 months
hey philur, cool build.

btw, how do you feel about swapping perforate with skewer?  since skewer gives a bleed and some nice gap close. 
DabSlingz, Il y a 10 months
Hey mate. I admire your commitment to responding to these comments. 
How would you change this build for purely expedition/excavations? 
Philur, Il y a 10 months
@ DrBreak, You can run this build with light armor, i'm currently doing so while levling up, but i also have a set of medium armor for PvP. I enjoy the mobility the roll gives you when you are using the weapon swap. But for PvP and being in melee, we really want more armor so medium is a good balance and it gives us the jump insteed of the roll, which is fine because you can use dodge one more time with it!

@ ClockworkNB, Thank you mate for your kind words. I will be updating the guide as i play more and figure things out!

@ Jlagger, Look at the answer i gave to DrBreak :) 

@ Mons2820, The point of Agressive Maneuvers is that you could do a side step step after your kick for a total of 50% reduced CD on Sweep and Perforate and a 20% CDR on vault kick itself. And its also just good that every time you dodge and then hit an enemy you gain CDR, aswell as from your light and heavy attacks that you can weave inbetween the actual skills themself. 

Its more about which skills are the most value to pick up, and the 20% CDR after dodge is very valuable for me atleast. For the bow question, you have to hold the arrow charged 1 second after the white glow appears on an arrow to make it fully charged. But i believe it should count as an heavy arrow attack when the glow starts. I usually just wait 1 sec extra just to get the max bonus on opening shots.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you are having fun! I also enjoy light armor for levling, but medium for PvP to get a bit more survivability if i get caught. 

@ Shemyazza, Thank you mate! I love you too!

@ arks, Sure it is viable to play it how ever you want. While leveling up it should be no problem using light armor, you can pvp with light aswell but you really need to dodge and create a lot of space and not get caught in gravity wells etc. 

@ Rybann, 1vX i mostly play with the bow and try to separate the guys chasing, if it is more then 2 guys i usually just try to get some poison damage on them and put some preassure with my shots before engaging. Try to pick out an enemy that is separated from their friends and do the spear combo and finish them off with some bow hits. If it is a tank with heavy armor and healing staff, its kinda shit. Just pick your battles and you will be fine! For war, i see this build being pretty good at roaming and picking off players that are running alone. Theres more viable builds for mass AOE, like the ice-gauntlet + firestaff or you could try to play the backlines with the bow. But its mostly a build for open world PvP. 
Rybann, Il y a 10 months
How does this build do in wars and 1vX?
arks, Il y a 10 months
It's viable to play with light armor?

Shemyazza, Il y a 10 months
I'm absolutely loving this build! Thank you. 
Mons2820, Il y a 10 months
Whats the point of CDR by Aggressive Maneurs and Continious Motion when:
1) Our combo is locked by consequence of abilities providing a stunlock, and dodging between abilities destroys that stunlock
2) After 1st melee combo is done, we'll have Sweep and Penetration strike ready very soon thanks to  Continious Motion , but Vault kick will not be ready and we still need to wait for it to provide the full combo.

I have a question about Bow also: when we hold RMB to prepare an arrow and then click LMB briefly without charge does it count as Heavy Attack, or Light Attack? 

Ty for build, really fun to play, im wearing light armour tho, i prefer faster movement.
Jlagger, Il y a 10 months
Why medium armour and not light? Does the triple dodge affect in something?
ClockworkNB, Il y a 10 months
You're the goat for the written guide and more importantly including build order, thanks man.
DrBreak, Il y a 10 months
thank you for the great guide 

just one question, could you explain why did you go with the normal weight instead of light weight?
i'm currently running a similar build with light weight and would like to understand your if medium is better 

Philur, Il y a 10 months
 @Quack, I have not had this issue, are you aiming down at the ground level? The attack is very specific on where you aim your crosshair.
Quack, Il y a 10 months
Too bad the hit detection for Perforate is terrible on enemies knocked down by sweep. I get like 1 out of 3 hits every time.
Philur, Il y a 10 months
@ jurgi, For the spear go for Sweep, then Perforate, then go for Merciless Strength and after that Vault Kick, then you can fill either Perforate passives or Vault Kick.  For the bow, you can go Evade Shot, Evasive Knockback, Poison Shot, Evasive Tactics, Dodge and Weave and Archer's Speed, then you can pick up some passives in hunter tree, like Aim True, Long Range or pick up Penetrating Shot and fill out more the way you like :)

 @Stowik, Thank you mate for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoy the build guide! English is not my first language so i will try my best to correct it :) I really love this playstyle and are having a lot of fun with it atm!

@ Dokayn, The spear attack has 4 meters range, so you have 1 meter leeway to play with. 
Dokayn, Il y a 10 months
Why "Deadly Reach"
Without the Javelin we don't have 3 Meter Distance?
Stowik, Il y a 10 months
I experimented with all the weapons during betas, and by far these two were my favorite, so playing them in retail. This build is exceptional (and much better than anything I came up with), because of the synchronicity between all the abilities for both weapons. Thanks for sharing. Please consider one small correction, so this old English major can sleep at night. I am sure it is just a typo.  Plural for ability is abilities, no apostrophe. Thank you so much for your work on this! I plan to use it is as is!! Every point is just right.
jurgi, Il y a 10 months
can you tell in what order to add skill points?

Rogneda, Il y a 10 months
Please tell me why the armor is average? I mean equipment load: Normal. It's not so convenient without rolling.
Philur, Il y a 10 months
 @ Pabloka1940, You could use use which ever one you want, more dmg on full health or damage when stamina is not full :)
Pabloka1940, Il y a 10 months
Hey!What gem need for spear?
Philur, Il y a 11 months
@ Taragorn6133, You are going to have poison, bleed and rend active on the target which will grant 3 debuffs x 10%. Even if you don't yet have a bow with bleed enchant, you will have 20% permanent. Reserved Strenght only gives 25% increased and you will almost never be at full stamina.

@ bradyk , Yeah, until you get the bleed enchant on your wep. You can use Precise Jabs for the extra crit on light attacks if you'd like.

bradyk, Il y a 11 months
I also have a question. Let's say I didn't have the bleed passive yet. Where would you put the point instead (or should I have the bleed passive by this point, let's just say during levelling, not necessary worried about gear too much)? Precise Jabs look like the only other option?
Taragorn6133, Il y a 11 months
Just a question but exploited weakness.. does the 3 stacks of rend from perforate count as 30% exploited weakness  I thought it was just 10%  1 per type of debuff.       I like reserved strength too, because you can use it with gambit gem giving you damage when stam not full which balances things out. but tbh so many times you dodge and make sure of aggressive manovours and its hard to achieve with this build thats heavily in impaler.
Taragorn6133, Il y a 11 months
Great build almost identical to what I used in open.  Oh coup de grace is terrible, don't undersand why so many use it. Meh damage, when you could be attacking with something else in the time the targets knocked down. Looks cool tho
JujusuKaisen, Il y a 11 months
Oh, this is such a well written guide!! I love it. I wish all build guides were like this.
Philur, Il y a 11 months
 @bradyk. Thanks for your kind words. I will play this build myself, and i will keep it updated with my changes!
@ SwiftKD6773,  I don't take Coup de Grace, because in this build we use Perforate directly after we've used Sweep to get the max hits of 3 x 70 = 210% wep damage insteed of 125% of Coup de Grace. 
bradyk, Il y a 11 months
This build/playstyle is perfect for me. Thanks for putting the time into making it. If you keep it updated you're awesome :)
SwiftKD6773, Il y a 11 months
Zoner Passives: 
  • Row 1: 
Why not take here Coup de grace? 
Philur, Il y a 11 months
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.  It's super fun to play!
Ruthtol, Il y a 11 months
Great guide! I really love the spear/bow playstyle, going to try this on launch!

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