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Last Updated: May 01, 2022 Reading Time: 1 min

New World PvP Arenas

New World PvP Arenas are slated to hit live in late May 2022.

As outlined in the New World Road Map, we are expected to get 3v3 PvP Arenas and a PvP reward track in Spring. More specifically we are expected to get the arenas and reward track sometime in late May of 2022.

In order to participate in a 3v3 PvP arena you can press ESC and choose modes from the menu bar. From there you can queue up for the arena. Players level 20 and above can queue up for the arena. 

  • The arena is an instance
  • You will be able to queue up solo, duo, or in groups of three
  • The arena will be elimination style matches. If you die you will not respawn until the next fight
  • An entire match could be 5 fights in total. They are played in a best of 5 format. Whoever wins the best of 5 fights wins the match
  • The arena will begin to shrink after a specified time period in order to prevent stalemates 
  • Ranked arenas are slated for a later date (possibly in Autumn with the Leaderboards update)

Along with the PvP arena we are also getting a PvP reward track. This is an overall system that helps PvPer's in general. You will be rewarded PvP experience for every type of activity involving PvP.  You can rank up as you gain experience to show off your PvP ability. We will also be getting a new PvP currency, called Salt (for now). As you participate in any PvP activity in New World you will be rewarded with Salt and will be able to spend this currency to purchase PvP related items. 
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BDLG is 1 of the 3 founders of StudioLoot. You can find BDLG on Twitch every Tuesday - Friday from 8:00am CST to 1:00pm CST, and creating content on the StudioLoot YouTube channel. 

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