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New World Critical Chance and Critical Damage Modifier

Updated as of the latest patch on 09/08/2021

Critical Chance and Critical Damage modifier are important stats that will help you get the most out of your damage.   In New World, both of these are greatly influenced by the weapons you have equipped.  At this time, both your Primary and your secondary weapon effects your base values of Crit chance and Critical Damage modifier.  Below are the Values of each weapon

Weapon       | Crit Chance |  Crit Dmg Modifier | Note
Spear               5%             x 1.3
Bow                 5%             x 1.3           all head shots are crits
Fire Staff          4%             x 1.2
Rapier              5%             x 1.4
Great Axe           3%             x 1.4
Musket              2%             x 1.3           all head shots are crits
Life Staff          2%             x 1.2
Hatchet             4%             x 1.4
War Hammer          2%             x 1.2
Ice Gauntlet        3%             x 1.3
Sword/Shield        3%             x 1.3

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