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How to Salvage and Repair Gear in New World

Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

Salvage & Repair System in New World
In New World in order to repair your gear you must have the appropriate amount of repair parts and a little coin to pay. Repair parts are a unique resource that’s used to repair items, and cannot be traded, sold, or purchased. In order to obtain repair parts you must salvage weapons and armor that you no longer need. 

How to Salvage Items In New World
During your adventures in Aeternum you will come across both weapons and armor that are not very useful to you. Either they are much lower tier than you would want to use, or simply not an item you’re interested in equipping. When this happens you can salvage that gear by hovering over the item you want to salvage and pressing c and left click (You can also hold CTRL, press C, and left click to quick salvage without a confirmation screen). This will then salvage that item and you will obtain repair parts, as well as, some gold. The amount of repair parts and the amount of gold you receive will depend on the tier of item that you salvage.

It’s important to note that repair parts are capped at 2,000, so you can’t just horde up hundreds of thousands of repair parts, however you can craft repair kits that can be traded or sold. 

How to Repair Items in New World
Once you have obtained a sufficient amount of repair parts you can repair your damaged gear by hovering over the gear you want to repair and simply press R plus your left mouse button in order to fully repair your gear.

There is also a "repair all" button that you can utilize that will repair all of your equipped gear. It's important to note that any gear you have in your inventory will not be repaired when using the repair all button, only your currently equipped gear will be repaired. Also worth noting is that if you have any gear in your inventory when you die it will take durability damage just like your equipped gear. So, make sure you store your gear before you set out into Aeternum.

You can see how much an item is damaged by looking at the quick view durability bar below the icon of the item in your equipment screen, and also by hovering over the item you can see the actual total durability number for that item, as well as, the remaining durability that the item has. You can also see how many repair parts and how much coin it will cost you in order to repair that item. You can repair an item as many times as you want. There is no durability loss when you repair an item, and the item will NOT  be destroyed if you repair too much.

Repair Kits
Repair kits can also be crafted or bought in New World. Crafting a repair kit requires the use of the Engineering trade skill, and can be crafted at a workshop. Repair kits can offer a way to repair gear with no cost at the time of repair.

There are 4 different tiers of repair kits:

Standard (Tier 2)
Advanced (Tier 3)
Expert (Tier 4)
Master (Tier 5)

You can craft each tier of repair kit with 0 Engineering, but must have the required materials on hand in order to craft the applicable kit. Tier 2/3/4/5 require 40/100/150/300 Repair Parts, and Tier 2/3/4/5 now require 1/2/3/3 individual Craft Mods.

How to Lock Your Gear in New World
In order to prevent from accidently salvaging gear that you want to keep you can also lock your gear by holding "L" and left clicking on the gear you want to lock. Once locked you will not be able to salvage that piece of gear into repair parts.

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