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⚜ Knights Vigilant ⚜

Región: NAWEST | Servidor: Theleme (NA West) | Facción: Covenant | Idioma: English | Enfoque: PvX | Tamaño: 51+ | Reclutando: Yes

Check out our orientation presentation to learn more about us:
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Looking for a positive community? Knights Vigilant will be enjoying all content New World has to offer. Experience launch with those who are as excited for release as you are!

We are on the US West server Theleme and picking a territory to make our home.

Primetime Hours. 6 - 10 PM PST, but many members will be on throughout the PST day.

Territory Wars. KV plans to claim and defend territory with coordinated tactics, as well as graciousness in victory and humility in defeat. We believe that sportsmanship and good-natured fun is key to creating a welcoming space for not only our own members, but our entire server. It's up to all of us to create an environment we'd like to share and enjoy the game within.

Dungeons and Loot Grind. Group up with fellow KVs to conquer New World's endgame! Enjoy a warm space where your peers are happy to share strategy tips, advice, and communicate effectively to beat content and reap the rewards. If you want to gear up in a reasonable degree of time and with healthy levels of commitment, we got you.

Social Events. Enjoy and host lavish parties at your extravagant home, and participate in monthly charity drives launched in our home province! Craft up a storm and help us deliver various foods, gear, consumables, and other themed giveaways to enrich the play experience of everyone on our server.

Get Involved! Hang out in our Discord while we continue to strategize, coordinate, and build community before launch: N5cCuKTZBY