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StudioLoot Team

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BLDG is the only New World content creator with absolutely no eyebrows. His main responsibilities include rudely correcting Redbyrd during their weekly "New World To Go" Podcast.
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When Redbyrd is not  Currently watching Anime  he's Writing   guides On a TypeWriter. You can Spot his Guides by the Questionable Capitalization  and double Spaces.
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Takyn is the developer behind NewWorldFans and the person who wrote the descriptions for the previous two guys because they didn't send him any texts.
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Commander Aze

NWO Show / Editor

Commander Aze has been active in the New World community since the very beginning, hosts the longest-running New World podcast and moderates the largest New World Subreddit.
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Editor, PvP and Siege

With 5+ years of experience on the battlefields of MMO’s, Danneh operates all of the large scale PvP and Siege content here at New World Fans. You can also catch him on Twitch for pirate-themed New World adventures where he runs his New World Wednesday show.
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NWO Show / Editor, News and Guides

MacCloud was the Live Technical Stream Producer and Production Director of Talking in Stations, Eve Online show, from 2016 through to mid 2021. Also one half of the New World Order Show, the longest running New World news show that started late 2019.
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Mala Zedik

Editor, Crafting & Gathering

Creator of, Mala is an expert in New World crafting and gathering and operates all of our Trade Skill content on New World Fans. You can also find him over on Twitch with his weekly New World show centered around Trade Skills, The New World Trade Skill Show.
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Editor, Expeditions & Invasions

Parfax operates the Expeditions and Invasions content here on New World Fans. He has long history of competing at a high level in PVE content in multiple MMO's, including Elder Scrolls Online in which he was QuakeCon Trials Champion. You can watch his live stream for tips and tricks for all things New World PVE over on Twitch.
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Email: [email protected]

Discord: StudioLoot


Credits & Thanks

  • u/Redbuddah for tons of help.
  • aTo, who created and mapped out all the locations and resource nodes in the game.