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I might have gone a little bit crazy :)


The perk search bar for the inventory and storage UI are interesting suggestions. I’ll pass it along to the team for their consideration.

Also, that’s a really in-depth spreadsheet!

Why is AGS not taking advantage of june...?


SoonTM :eyes:

Why AGS doesnt allow players to do more dungeon?


Just in case, one of our Developers made a forum post about the change here: [Dev Blog] Removing Tuning Orbs including their thoughts behind their decision making.

How is your day going?


Happy Solstice!

Chardis Armor - Incorrect Model?


Thanks! I’ll let the team know about it.

New World Update 1.5.4

website-news Die Unterbrechung für New World Update 1.5.4 beginnt am 22. Juni um 8:00 Uhr MESZ (6:00 Uhr UTC) und umfasst allgemeine Fehlerbehebungen bei Gegenständen, Beute und mehr.

Mise à jour de New World 1.5.4

website-news L'opération de maintenance pour effectuer la mise à jour de New World 1.5.4 commencera à 8 h CEST (6 h UTC), le 21 juin, et comprend des corrections générales des objets, butins et plus.

Histoires de son : les arènes

website-news Chaque personne peut interpréter un son à sa manière. Nous avons rejoint l'équipe audio de New World pour en savoir plus sur sa façon d’entendre le monde. Explorons les instruments, bruits de foule et techniques de doublage qui enrichissent chaque action dans les arènes.

PTR: Summer Medleyfaire Event Game Update

website-news Join the next PTR for a preview of musical instruments, the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, loot changes, perk adjustments, and more!

PTR: Sommer-Medleyfaire-Event-Update

website-news Macht mit beim nächsten PTR für eine Vorschau auf Musikinstrumente, die Expedition „Seepocken und Schwarzpulver“, Änderungen bei Beute und Effekten und mehr!

RTP: mise à jour pour l’événement Mélégies estivales

website-news Rejoignez le prochain RTP (royaume de test public) pour découvrir en avant-première les instruments de musique, l’expédition Bernacles et poudre noire, les modifications apportées aux butins, les ajustements des atouts, et bien plus encore !

Audio-Tagebücher: Die Arenen

website-news Jeder Ton erzählt eine andere Geschichte, je nachdem, wen man fragt. Wir haben das Audioteam von New World zu ihren Ansichten dazu gefragt. Sehen wir uns also die Techniken an, mit denen durch Instrumente, Zuschauer und Sprecher jede Aktion in der Arena noch viel befriedigender wird.

Audio Diaries: Arenas Edition

website-news Each sound tells a different story depending on who you ask. We joined the New World Audio Team for more insight into theirs. Let’s explore the instrument, crowd, and voice-over techniques that vastly improve the satisfaction behind every action in Arenas.

New World Update 1.5.4

website-news New World Update 1.5.4 downtime will begin at 11:00PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on June 21 and includes general fixes to items, loot, and more.

Cannot Complete "The Way The Cookie Crumbles" Quest


A fix is incoming with one of the upcoming patches.

The way the cookie crumbles impossible to complete. blank loot drops after second 'cookie ingredients' picked up


We have a fix for this quest in an upcoming patch. Details will be in the release notes once that fix is ready to go into prod.

Resilient not labeled as "PvP Only"


Thanks for checking in. We will be adding the PvP label for this in a future patch and apologize for the confusion caused by it not having that label initially.

3v3 Arena Bug - no more game for you sir


Thank you for the screenshot. This’ll help us narrow it down. We’re looking into this!

And just to confirm, you’ve never had it happen except for your first game of the day and you didn’t receive any kind of disconnect error?

State of the 2019 Alpha NDA


Yes all content from Alpha is still under NDA.

[Event] Bonus XP Event: Refining


Greetings Adventurers,

Welcome to the New World June Bonus XP event! Throughout June, we’ll be hosting a variety of bonus XP events for adventurers to maximize their characters’ potential through leveling up weapons, trade skills, and more.

Starting 2022-06-20T07:01:00Z until 2022-06-24T06:59:00Z, Refining skills will receive a Double XP boost!

To learn more, check out our article here: Wöchentlicher Bonus-Kalender zum New World EP-Extravaganzen-Event - Neuigkeiten | New World

See you in Aeternum! Happy Leveling!

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