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Gear Presets Please Devs Hear Us <3


Hey! Thanks so much for the feedback! I know the team has heard a lot of feedback and asks for a better gear management system and are currently looking into ways to make this easier for our players.

I’ve been working out of the thread here (linking to my original response on this thread): Devs Please Optimize Armor Organization For Players - #9 by Luxendra but I’ll forward this over to them as well!

Perk DIVINE not working with Sacred Ground or Beacon


Noted and sent to the team, thank you!

Fishing Menus missing after switching to windowed mode and lower res


Thank you for the report! I’ve gone ahead and sent it to the team. Glad to hear that restarting the game does resolve the issue though!

[BUG] Main Quest "Forge Your Azoth Staff"


Thank you for the report and the screenshots! I’ve forwarded it to the team for further investigation.

I do see this report was submitted 3 days ago but wanted to make sure, are you still having trouble completing this quest?

Mise à jour de janvier - Facteurs de mutation d'expédition

website-news La mise à jour de janvier, qui inclut les facteurs de mutation d'expédition, a quitté le Royaume de test publique (RTP) et arrive dans le jeu principal de New World. Cette mise à jour inclut une nouvelle fonctionnalité de fin de jeu : les facteurs de mutation d’expédition !

January Update - Expedition Mutators

website-news The January Update has graduated from the Public Test Realm and is releasing into the main New World game. This update includes a new end-game feature: Expedition Mutators!

Januar-Update – Expeditionsmutatoren

website-news Das Januar-Update mit den Expeditionsmutatoren hat seine Feuerprobe im öffentlichen Testbereich (PTR) bestanden und wird nun ins Hauptspiel von New World eingebaut. Dieses Update bringt ein ganz neues Endgame-Spielerlebnis: Expeditionsmutatoren!

[Downtime] PTR Update #4


Greetings Adventurers,

We want to get one last stability test in in preparation for our January Monthly Release.

We will be holding a 2 hour downtime 2022-01-22T20:00:00Z to update the game.

Thank you for your patience!

Dev Mutation 4 Dynasty Run


We like being a little weird sometimes. On my personal character I don’t run ice in Corrupted areas.

Incoming downtime message still showing


It should be gone now, sorry about that!

Incoming downtime message still showing


Thanks, I’ll pass it onto the team.

Dev Mutation 4 Dynasty Run


Yeah, they are - I slotted a diamond, so I was doing some good damage with ice. Fire was not the best, which is why I switched to musket.

Dev Mutation 4 Dynasty Run


Was just minding my own business, bopping them with some icey range - ranger danger I guess. :smiling_face_with_tear:

How to properly report bots in the forums?


Hey there!

Unfortunately, no one on the forums here has the ability to handle in-game moderation actions. You can report any bots you encounter in-game or through the Report a Player/Company website for the Game Moderation team.

By reporting a player/bot/company in-game, you provide the team with additional information like player name, region, server, time (specify the time zone please), which is invaluable to our teams. This lets the team investigate not only the individual, but also the telemetry the individual was causing on the server as well.

There is an off-game way to report bots and include links to videos and screenshots that you believe will help the team’s investigation in the link provided above.

Thank you for helping keep New World safe! We appreciate your help :slight_smile:

[Dev Video] Mutated Expedition: Dynasty Shipyard


Greetings Adventurers,

Haven’t had a chance to check out Mutated Expeditions in the PTR?

Pick up tips and tricks as five developers take on Dynasty Shipyard Mutation Level Four!

[Downtime] PTR Update #3


We are back online! Thank you for your patience and see you in Aeternum!

[Discussion] PTR: January Release Notes - Patch 3


Only the orb craft cooldown is removed. For something like Outpost Rush, you’ll still be limited to the two Ruby Gypsum’s a day.

[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] Outpost Rush Balance Changes


Thanks for the continued feedback everyone!

Would an Armory located in each starting Fort provide the same relief that you’re looking for?

Lazarus dungeon final boss rework


*Angry Chardis noises *

PTR: January Release Notes - Patch 1 & 2


PTR: January Release Notes - Patch 3

Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.


Notable bug fixes:

  • (Desync) Fix to desync when using shield bash while moving
  • (Desync) Fix to desync issue that would occur when homing through Ice Shower ability.
  • (Desync) Fix to desync on Reap when fully upgraded with the Blood Lust Passive
  • (Spear) Fixed issue where the damage ticks from bleeding sweep were triggering cooldown reduction
  • (Void Gauntlet) Baleful Tether’s status effect can no longer be nullified by crouching or going prone.
  • (Great Axe) Fix to Great Axe Reap ability not doing damage when both “The Collector” and “Gravity” passives are unlocked

End Game

General Enhancements:

  • Players can upgrade individual gear pieces from GS 590 to GS 625, by spending Umbral Shards. Note we reduced this requirement from GS 600 to GS 590 based on PTR feedback and the desire to require Legendary items to engage in the Umbral System.
  • To allow players more access to use Gypsum more freely as they acquire it we’ve removed the crafting cooldowns on Gypsum Orbs.

Expedition Tuning Orbs:

  • Expedition Tuning Orbs for Amrine Excavation, Starstone Barrows, The Depths, and Dynasty Shipyard can be purchased from the Faction Shop once a day. Expedition Tuning Orbs for Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality can be purchased once a week.

To increase access to crafting Expedition Tuning Orbs we made the following materials able to be tradable which were previously bound to players:

  • Blight Seeds
  • Corrupted Lodestones, Crystals, Fragments, Shards, and Slivers
  • Chisels

We’ve made significant reductions to crafting costs for Expedition Keys.
Global Key Crafting Changes:

  • Reduced Starmetal Chisel coin cost to 150.00 down from 200.00
  • Reduced Orichalcum Chisel coin cost to 200.00 down from 400.00
  • Reduced Asmodeum Chisel coin cost to 250.00 down from 500.00
  • Eternal Heart: Reduced all elemental mote costs to craft. Now costs 10 of each mote down from 30
  • Elemental Heart: Reduced all elemental mote costs to craft. Now costs 10 of each mote down from 30.
  • Undying Heart: Reduced all elemental quintessence costs to craft. Now costs 2 of each quintessence down from 6.
  • Dynasty Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Corrupted Crystal required to craft. Now costs 1 down from 2.
  • Dynasty Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Obsidian Voidstone required to craft. Now costs 8 down from 10.
  • Lazarus Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Corrupted Lodestone required to craft. Now costs 1 down from 3.
  • Genesis Tuning Orb: Reduced the amount of Corrupted Lodestone required to craft. Now costs 1 down from 2.

Mutated Tuning Orb changes from PTR:

  • Reduced the amount of Runestone required to craft. Now costs 5 down from 10.
  • Reduced the amount of Powerful Gemstone Dust required to craft. Now costs 5 down from 10.
  • Reduced the amount of Chisels required to 1 down from 2.

General AI

  • Swamp Beast Arena Boss - Fixed an issue preventing the Swamp Beast from properly consuming minions


Garden of Genesis

  • Fixed an issue preventing enemies from despawning after failing to defend the sapling.
  • Alluvium Marl - Removed the unintended ability for minions to apply a debuff against Alluvium Marl on their death.

Mutated Expeditions

  • Fixed a large number of reported gameplay bugs.
  • Fixed a number of reported UI bugs impacting nameplates, reward screens, and timers.


  • To stimulate the post-holiday economy, we’ve added a limited-time rare drop called “Bag of Juniper Berries” which gives players coin and Juniper berries. It has the potential to reward between 50-150 coin per acquisition and you can only find 3 per day.
  • Fixed issue where Rothoard Alligators were dropping an excessive amount of rawhide.


  • Fixed issue that prevented the use of Onyx when crafting earrings using Timeless Shard.

Open World

  • Fixed an issue with the following Elite Strongholds not consistently applying the appropriate Affliction to players that enter visually afflicted areas:
    • Mangled Heights
    • Ambusti Inferior/Superior
    • Mykgard
    • Malevolence
  • Siren’s Stand: Revised chest placements of several Elite Chests to be closer to their associated named enemy.
  • Mangled Heights: Slightly moved one Elite Chest at Mangled Pox Gate.

UX, UI, & Social

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes group chat would break after exiting a house.

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