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List of Worlds Available for Launch


Here are the list of worlds available at this time for Launch!

We will be closely monitoring the worlds to determine whether to open more in the set regions.

You’ll notice that some worlds have language tags next to them. Here’s how to read them:

  • ES - Spanish
  • DE - German
  • FR - French
  • IT - Italian
  • PL - Polish
  • EN - English

US West

List of Worlds
World Name World Set Language
Camelot Westernesse Zeta
Kshira Sagara Westernesse Zeta
Linnunrata Westernesse Zeta
Mulitefao Westernesse Zeta
Ptolemais Westernesse Zeta
Celadon Westernesse Eta
Neno Kuni Westernesse Eta
Uku Pacha Westernesse Eta
El Dorado Westernesse Theta
Nidavellir Westernesse Theta
Vourukasha Westernesse Theta
Aukumea Westernesse Nu
Mag Mell Westernesse Nu
Plancta Westernesse Nu
Riallaro Westernesse Nu
Kronomo Westernesse Nu
Ferri Westernesse Xi
Sarragalla Westernesse Xi
Theleme Westernesse Xi
Tlillan-Tlapallan Westernesse Xi
Yggdrasil Westernesse Xi
Lilliput Westernesse Rho ES/EN

US East

List of Worlds
World Name World Set Language
Themiscyra Arkadia Zeta
Cantahar Arkadia Zeta
Aztlan Arkadia Zeta
Yaxche Arkadia Zeta
Topan Arkadia Zeta
Valhalla Arkadia Eta
Xibalba Arkadia Eta
Morrow Arkadia Eta
Locuta Arkadia Eta
Krocylea Arkadia Eta
Adlivun Arkadia Theta
Minda Arkadia Theta
Loloi Arkadia Theta
Kay Pacha Arkadia Theta
Frislandia Arkadia Theta
Calnogor Arkadia Mu
Mictlan Arkadia Mu
Ensipe Arkadia Mu
Dominora Arkadia Mu
Pyrallis Arkadia Mu
Eden Arkadia Nu
Maramma Arkadia Nu
Ute-Yomigo Arkadia Nu
Sitara Arkadia Xi
Hanan Pacha Arkadia Xi
Babilary Arkadia Xi
Argadnel Arkadia Xi
Barataria Arkadia Xi
Silha Arkadia Rho ES/EN
Scheria Arkadia Chi
Oceana Arkadia Chi
Duguang Arkadia Chi
Falias Arkadia Chi
Moriai Arkadia Chi
Ruach Arkadia Psi
Heliopolis Arkadia Psi
Tritonis Arkadia Psi
Norumbega Arkadia Psi
Ys Arkadia Psi
Royllo Arkadia Omega
Ogygia Arkadia Omega
Tlalocan Arkadia Omega
Zuvendis Arkadia Omega
Atvatabar Arkadia Omega
Pleroma Arkadia Ultra
Vingolf Arkadia Ultra
Pahruli Arkadia Ultra
Nunne Chaha Arkadia Ultra
Valgrind Arkadia Ultra
Orun Arkadia Firma
Takamagahara Arkadia Firma
Aarnivalkea Arkadia Firma
Orofena Arkadia Omicron
Olympus Arkadia Lambda

Central EU

List of Worlds
World Name World Set Language
Asgard Vanaheim Zeta
Duat Vanaheim Zeta
Eurytheia Vanaheim Zeta
Finias Vanaheim Zeta
Hades Vanaheim Zeta
Hellheim Vanaheim Eta
Ekera Vanaheim Eta
Gaunes Vanaheim Eta
Abaton Vanaheim Eta
Harmonia Vanaheim Theta
Alastor Vanaheim Mu
Fae Vanaheim Mu
Slavna Vanaheim Mu
Tupia Vanaheim Mu
Albraca Vanaheim Nu DE/EN
Elysium Vanaheim Nu DE/EN
Ganzir Vanaheim Nu DE/EN
Silpium Vanaheim Nu DE/EN
Utgard Vanaheim Nu DE/EN
Annwyn Vanaheim Xi
Hyperborea Vanaheim Xi
Sanor Vanaheim Xi
Rocabarra Vanaheim Xi
Zerzura Vanaheim Xi
Amenti Vanaheim Tau
Glyn Cagny Vanaheim Tau
Saena Vanaheim Tau
Urdarbrunn Vanaheim Tau
Penglai Vanaheim Tau
Alfheim Vanaheim Phi
Saba Vanaheim Phi
Vainola Vanaheim Phi
Lyonesse Vanaheim Omega FR/EN
Nysa Vanaheim Omega FR/EN
Bakhu Vanaheim Omega FR/EN
Ife Vanaheim Omega FR/EN
Melinde Vanaheim Omega FR/EN
Baltia Vanaheim Ultra
Inferni Vanaheim Ultra
Muspelheim Vanaheim Ultra
Thule Vanaheim Ultra
Tir Na Nog Vanaheim Ultra
Barri Vanaheim Firma
Idavoll Vanaheim Firma
Runeberg Vanaheim Firma
Naxos Vanaheim Firma
Murias Vanaheim Firma
Bifrost Vanaheim Omicron
Icaria Vanaheim Omicron
Niflheim Vanaheim Omicron
Nav Vanaheim Omicron
Tanje Vanaheim Omicron
Bengodi Vanaheim Lambda ES/EN
Kor Vanaheim Lambda ES/EN
Bensalem Vanaheim Sigma
Iroko Vanaheim Sigma
Midgard Vanaheim Sigma
Ketumati Vanaheim Sigma
Una-bara Vanaheim Sigma
Karkar Vanaheim Kappa PL/E
Jotunheim Vanaheim Radial IT/EN
Caer Sidi Vanaheim Terra
Ishtakar Vanaheim Terra
Metsola Vanaheim Terra

South America

List of Worlds
World Name World Set Language
Albur Nibiru Zeta
Eugea Nibiru Zeta
Kukku Nibiru Zeta
Nammu Nibiru Zeta
Apsu Nibiru Eta
Kigal Nibiru Eta
Niraya Nibiru Eta
Atlantis Nibiru Theta
Hubur Nibiru Theta
Alatyr Nibiru Theta
Irkalla Nibiru Mu ES/EN
Tuma Nibiru Mu ES/EN
Svarga Nibiru Mu ES/EN
Arali Nibiru Xi
Tamag Nibiru Xi
Modun Nibiru Xi
Kunlun Nibiru Xi
Liusha Nibiru Xi
Aratta Nibiru Rho
Taparloka Nibiru Rho
Kitezh Nibiru Rho
Jianmu Nibiru Rho
Dilmun Nibiru Tau
Lanka Nibiru Tau
Naraka Nibiru Tau
Dunnu Nibiru Phi


List of Worlds
World Name World Set Language
Adiri Pangaia Zeta
Baralku Pangaia Zeta
Duzakh Pangaia Zeta
Agartha Pangaia Eta
Eridu Pangaia Eta
Yama Pangaia Eta
Zara Pangaia Theta
Barzakh Pangaia Theta
Hsuan Pangaia Theta
Utopia Pangaia Mu
Buzhou Pangaia Mu

Introducing the New World Soundtrack

website-news The New World Soundtrack is now available on Amazon Music! Learn about the origins, inspirations, and collaborations leading to the creation of the sounds and music found within New World.