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Building Aeternum

website-news When we set out to create Aeternum, we envisioned a landscape of diversity and contrast. A vast environment where incredible natural beauty and supernatural impossibilities coexist. Concept art was used extensively to refine the tone and atmosphere we were striving to achieve, here are some examples of that early work.

New World in the Making


Pre-Order and Play Early

website-news Get a jump start on your adventure to Aeternum. Pre-Ordering the Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition of New World not only comes with exclusive bonus content, it also allows you join the Closed Beta, starting in April.

Welcome to Aeternum

website-news Legend has led generations of explorers to the supernatural frontier known as Aeternum. Rich in a powerful substance known as Azoth, which many believe to be the source of eternal life, Aeternum has beckoned both the pure of heart and the wicked to its shores.

To the Developers


I see you working hard and I appreciate you. Keep it up! Even if the sad thing happens and it's months or years before we get to play I still appreciate the time and effort you are putting in now. Just wanted to leave a message of positive feelings here for all of you at AGS!



To the Developers