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[Megathread] PTR Bug Reporting


Thank you for the reports, @Fairuza!

Consumables: We have temporarily removed the consumable block for 3v3 Arenas while we investigate the issue further.

Loading: We acknowledge that players have reported issues with loading into the Arenas. Unfortunately this problem requires additional investigation and diagnostics.

We will update the community when we have more information.

[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] 3v3 Player vs Player Arenas


We’re aware! The team is on it!

[Focus Feedback & Bug Reporting] 3v3 Player vs Player Arenas


With those most recent patch to the PTR we’ve removed the ability to use outside consumables in the arena. You’ll only be able to use the consumables that’re granted to you on entrance to the arena. So no bringing in Balms or Dust.

Cannot Use Free World Transfer Token


Is it possible you already had a character in the world you were trying to transfer to? We have a known issue where if you have ever deleted a character in the region you want to merge to before Feb 11 2022, you will likely not be able to merge into that same region you deleted that character in.

[PTR] Arenas - Update #1


Maintenance has been completed! See you in Aeternum!

[PTR] Arenas - Update #1


Release notes are here! PTR: PvP Arenas Update: Release Notes - #4 by Luxendra

PTR: PvP Arenas Update: Release Notes


Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.


  • Level 60 backstory weapon box and armor box counts have been increased from 1 to 3 to assist with build variety.
  • Level 60 backstories now issue a sum of gypsum orbs and umbral shards to assist with end-game build testing.


Expedition AI


  • Fixed a bug where expedition bosses could fail to perform wipe attacks when all party members are downed.

Tempest’s Heart

  • Fixed an issue that allowed for a safe space during Neishatun’s Corrupted Flame phase.

Garden of Genesis

  • Greenskeeper will no longer target downed players prior to starting attacks

The Depths

  • Thorpe now drops appropriate loot for mutated expeditions
  • Fixed issue where the Toxic I and II mutator status effect tooltips were stating incorrect damage values.

Game Modes

PvP Arenas

  • The 3vP introductory quest NPC, Maximus Marcellus, can now be found in the Everfall Settlement.
  • Adjusted the scoreboard so that it does not overlap with other UI elements.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera became locked after using the scoreboard
  • Fixed issue where the PvP Arena icon was not appearing properly within the Modes screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the round win scores were being swapped on the end-of game scoreboard.
  • Fixed a bug where other players would receive the local player “yellow ring” around their portrait.
  • PvP announcer countdown VO will now play and truncate any other VO playing, as it will take priority.
  • HUD and scoreboard now account for when a player leaves the group.
  • Removed Coin from the rewards banner as Coins are not rewarded by design for PvP Arena participation.
  • Removed the requeue button from the ending screen. Players can requeue via the Mode menu.
  • Now only the local player’s health will affect music. The effect will now also progressively increases as the player’s health reduces toward 0.
  • Adjusted arena pillar placement based on feedback, to better block initial line of sight.
  • Adjusted XP rewards from placeholder values to final values: 400XP for a win, 0XP for a loss, 100XP for a loss if you win 1 round, 200XP for a loss if you win 2 rounds.
  • Adjusted PvP Track rewards for PvP Arena participation; you always gain 250 PvP XP when losing a PvP Arena match.
  • Added PvP Arenas to the Leveling Rewards screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes initially spawn in below the ground.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to attack from the Spectator Box.
  • Fixed an issue causing Arena Furniture items to drop significantly more often than intended.
  • Added PvP Arena consumables. These items are auto-granted to players upon entering the Arena and removed when players leave a match. These items are not consumed on use but respect normal cooldowns. These include:
    • Arena Health Potions
    • Arena Regen Potions
    • Arena Mana Potions
    • Arena Attribute Foods


  • Reworked the bonuses provided by Faction Control Points. The bonuses are now as follows:
    • Brightwood: Camping no longer costs resources.
    • Cutlass Keys: Increases global gathering luck by 10%.
    • Ebonscale Reach: Decreases the cost of items in the faction store by 5%.
    • Everfall: Increases the amount of Azoth Salt gained by 10%.
    • First Light: Increases global refining yield by 10%.
    • Monarch Bluffs: Increases all experience gains by 5%.
    • Mourningdale: Increase the gearscore ceiling of crafting by 5. The maximum gearscore you can roll is still 600.
    • Reekwater: Increases the amount of PvP Experience gained by 5%.
    • Restless Shores: All fast travel is now free.
    • Weaver’s Fen: Decreases global tax values by 10%.
    • Windsward : Increases the chance that a consumable isn’t consumed on use by 10%.


Fire Staff

  • Fixed Clear Casting status effect not being removed when the Fire Staff is sheathed, unequipped or out of combat.
  • Updated Clear Casting passive so that it will automatically trigger on combat start instead of requiring you to get hit first.
  • Fixed Clear Casting, Clear Mind and Reheat status effects not being categorized as buffs.
  • Fixed Reheat status effect being incorrectly categorized as an Empower.

Void Gauntlet

  • Fixed a bug where players could get into an in-between void blade state when getting hit.



  • We recognized there were too few effective gathering loops for Starmetal and Orichalcum ore. To improve the gathering experience we’ve decrease the spawn timers to allow for smaller gathering loops as well as increase the total amount of places players can farm for these resources. We also adjusted Gold and Platinum ore nodes spawn rates to match Silver Ore spawn rates. Good luck and happy mining.
    • Added multiple new spawn locations for Starmetal and Orichalcum to the world across 8+ zones.
    • Updated respawn times of Starmetal and Orichalcum to match Iron Ore. This is a ~33% reduction for Starmetal and ~50% reduction for Orichalcum respawn times.
    • Updated respawn times of Gold and Platinum to match Silver Ore. This is a ~33% reduction for Gold and a ~80% reduction for Platinum respawn times.
  • Tier 4 hides are currently more rare than we would like, while Tier 5 hides are more abundant causing a bottleneck at Tier 4 hides and Tier 5 hides to be less valuable. We have made changes to the level bands at which creatures drop specific tiers of hides to help alleviate the issue. We will continue to monitor this and assess if any future changes are needed to improve the value and volume of T5 hides.
    • Changed level ranges in which creatures drop hides.
      • New/Updated Level Ranges:
        T1 = 1-35
        T4 = 36-55
        T5 = 56-66
      • Previous Level Ranges
        T1 = 1-41
        T4 = 36-50
        T5 = 46-66


  • The Blackguard’s Void Gauntlet was previously changed to Refreshing Evasion to create an identity for the Blackguard’s mage items and to synergize with the Light Armor Drops in the Tempest’s Heart. Based on feedback, it is being changed back to Plagued Crits.
  • Removed weight from some quests items
  • Increased the durability for T1 tools
  • Elite chests now have a 15 chance to drop 50 umbral
  • Lucky Rabbit foot is now on a lucksafe table
  • T5 mana potions drop chance reduced by 50%
  • T4 mana potions drop chance reduced by 25%
  • Legendary refinement materials drop chances in aptitude boxes have been reduced
  • Legendary refinement materials drop chances in gathering have been increased
  • Skinning legendary refinement materials have been reduced
  • Rarities on Legendary refinement and legendary materials have been adjusted so the refinement is epic and the refined materials are legendary.

PvP Reward Track

  • Adjusted thresholds based on player feedback; these have been adjusted from 2000/6000/12000 to 2000/5000/10000 as it was taking players slightly longer than intended to level up.
  • Increased the Salt reward from levelling to compensate the shorter track.
  • Adjusted the potion pack rewards at level 60.
  • Added Gypsum and Umbral Shards to the 1st and 2nd notches.
  • Added an icon for level milestones in character screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the PvP Reward Emblem Popup was showing an achievement name instead of the granted title text.
  • Added new PvP Perks to go along with the PvP Rewards Track:
    • Penetrating Backstab - PvP Only : Backstabs penetrate 10% of a player’s armor.
    • Penetrating Headshot - PvP Only : Headshots penetrate 7% of a player’s armor.
    • Fractured Rend - PvP Only : When block breaking a player, inflict rend, reducing damage absorption by 12% for 4s.
    • Purifying Crits - PvP Only : Critical hits remove 1 buff from a player (Cooldown 10s)
    • Exhausted Exploitation - PvP Only : Hits against Exhausted targets inflict Slow, reducing movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds. (Can not re-trigger on same target)
    • Alacritous Punishment - PvP Only : Deal 8% additional damage to players with Haste.
    • Sturdy Fortification - PvP Only : Blocking attacks adds a stack of 4% fortify on self for each blocked hit (Max Stack 5)
    • Shirking Heals - PvP Only : After successfully dodging an attack, heal for 100 health. (Each armor piece with this perk adds a stack)
    • Siege Ward - PvP Only : Receive 6% less damage from siege weapons
    • Mortal Empowerment - PvP Only : Player kills grant a persistent 2% damage bonus that lasts either 20 minutes, or until downed, death, game mode exit. Duration refreshes on re-application. (Stacks up to 15 times, can not be cleansed)
    • Invigorated Punishment - PvP Only : Abilities deal 3% bonus damage per buff on target. (Cap of 8)
    • Shirking Empower - PvP Only : After successfully dodging an attack, obtain Empower, increasing damage dealt by 4% for 10s, refreshes when new stack is applied. (stacks 4 times)


  • Fixed an issue preventing the Blackguard’s Blunderbuss from dropping. It should now be dropping from Neishatun in Tempest’s Heart.

Notable Fixes

  • Added refinement recipes to the Gypsum Kilm to refine single stat perk items from multistat perk items.



  • Added a notification for when the player joins a game mode with not enough room in their inventory to accept rewards.

World Experience


  • Players should no longer be stuck in a loop during the ‘Trial of the Scrivener’ faction progression quest.
  • Soulwarden Epitaph interactable is now placed where players can reach it with no issues.

Wrongfully banned last night for 6 hours


I mentioned this earlier today the only way to have the Game Moderation team review your ban is by reaching out via the “Appeal a Ban” link. As Aenwyn said above, no one on the forums has the ability to investigate ban appeals or in-game moderation action.

I see that Aenwyn will forward it to the team to review; however, as moderation actions are discussed only with the player involved, I have closed this thread.

Wrongfully banned last night for 6 hours


As a Community Manager, I’m not part of the Game Moderation or Support team. I don’t have any visibility into Game Moderation or the actions that team takes or access to the tools or reports that they use to determine suspensions. However, I’ve brought your name up for your ban to be reviewed by that team again!

My friend got wrongfully banned last night


I mentioned this earlier today but the only way to have the Game Moderation team review your ban is by reaching out via the “Appeal a Ban” link. No one on the forums has the ability to investigate ban appeals or in-game moderation action.

I do see that you provided their name and world in your initial post and I’ll forward it to the team to review; however, as moderation actions are discussed only with the player involved, I have closed this thread.

Nouveau butin Prime Gaming : Avant-garde sacrée

website-news Nous revoilà avec des objets cosmétiques New World gratuits et exclusifs disponibles avec Prime Gaming.

Neues Loot bei Prime Gaming: Heilige Vorhut

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Perk bucket on tempest piece


This is by design. Certain items cannot role certain perks.

Perks not applying when you first log on or when you load from out of an expedition


Will get this tested to see what’s going on! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Trading post -- sorting bug


Thanks for these! Aware of the feedback for sure, but curious about the bug in particular here. :slight_smile:

Perks not applying when you first log on or when you load from out of an expedition


Thank you! I believe this might just be a visual thing, where it’s applied but not showing, but we’ll test it!

Unable to upgrade camp without a faction?


We definitely appreciate your feedback here! Factions are a large part of gameplay, so I’d definitely suggest joining one for the time being.

[PTR] Arenas - Update #1


Greetings Adventurers,

We will be holding an estimated 1.5 hour (~90 minute) downtime today at 2022-05-05T21:00:00Z.

Release notes to come; the link will be posted below once available.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Trading post -- sorting bug


Never. :disguised_face:

But more reasonably, what exactly is the issue you’re referring to? There’s a lot of ways to sort!

15 marks of fortune to purchase server transfer?


Region transfer cooldowns are now 72 hours, I believe.

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