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New World Discord & Discord Bot

Feel free to join the NewWorldFans team on the unofficial StudioLoot discord!

New World Discord Bot

Add our Discord bot to your server to easily receive news and dev posts!

New World Discord Bot


  • Add our Discord Bot to your server.
  • Confirm permissions for the bot to be able to send and read messages.
  • Open your Discord server and the bot should be in the default channel.
  • Give the bot access (read message, send message, embed links), to whatever channel you want announcements to appear in.
  • If you want users to be able to link items or quests in chat, the bot also needs permissions in any channel where this will be used.
  • Type "!nw start" in that channel. This will start tracking both news and dev posts. You can then toggle features off/on individually using the commands below.
  • Note: We don't use the "read" permission to read your chats, but if you want to be safe, simply restrict the bot from accessing private channels. "Read" permission is required in order to send commands to the bot, nothing more.


  • !nw <command>:<arguments>

List of Regular Commands

  • !nw help - list available commands and print usage
  • !nw devpost:<query> - search for the most recent dev post containing the word "query", example: "devpost:beta"
  • !nw item:<query> - search for an item containing "query", example: "item:heartseeker"
  • !nw item:<query>:<tier> - search for an item containing "query", filter by tier, example: "item:sword:2"
  • !nw item:random - find a random item
  • !nw quest:<query> - search for a quest by name, example: "quest:shadowslayer"
  • !nw quest:random - find a random quest
  • !nw ability:<query> - search for a weapon ability by name, example: ability:"Ice Pylon"

List of Admin Commands

  • !nw start - start the bot in this channel (you can run it in multiple channels)
  • !nw stop - stop posting anything until told otherwise
  • !nw devtracker - toggle devtracker in this channel, includes news from the official website and is required for Reddit & Twitter to work (default: on)
  • !nw news - toggle unofficial news, guides and announcements about new bot features (we don't post often) (default: on)
  • !nw reddit - toggle Reddit posts by developers (default: on)
  • !nw twitter - toggle announcements from the official Twitter (default: on)
  • !nw twitter_replies - toggle Twitter replies (default: off)
  • !nw language:<lang> - toggle languages (currently supports EN, FR, DE for Twitter, Forum, Website - Reddit is English-only and toggled separately), example: language:DE

Contact us if you need help or want to leave feedback!