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Region: NAEAST | Server: ? | Fraktion: Marauders | Sprache: English | Fokus: PvX | Größe: 26-50 | Rekrutierend: Yes

Merx is recruiting!
Faction: Marauders
Server: Thule
Language: English
Time Zone: NA EAST

Merx is a guild comprised of new and veteran MMO players. We have all been part of many guilds, in many games, and instead of rolling together on other people’s guilds we got our shit together and made our own. Established in 2014 for ArcheAge, We are all dedicated gamers who devote time and energy to the content we play, and we have fun doing it!

- End Game content
- Help with level progression and content
- Expeditions
- Faction PVP Missions
- Open World PVP
- Quests
- Territory Wars
- Outpost Rush
- World Bosses
- World Events

Whether it's PVP or PVE (Crafters and farmers welcome), Merx is a great place to learn and game with like-minded players. Every player has their own place here.

If you are interested, stop on by our discord!