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New World Storage System (Bank)

Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

In this guide you will find the following:

How Storage Works in New World
Connected Storages
How to Increase Your Storage Capacity in New World
          - Bags, types of bags, and bag perks
          - Territory Standing
          - Storage Chests, Types of chests and their capacity

How Storage Works in New World
Banking in New World comes in the form of a personal storage unit located in each Settlement.  You can find the storage locations by opening up the map using the default key of "M" and scrolling in on a settlement until you can see the icons. The storage icon is noted by a box or chest icon on the map.

In order to access your storage just make your way over to that location and use the storage container. This acts just as a bank would in other MMORPGs. You can move items into and out of your storage while accessing a storage container. You can not access your storage anywhere else in the world. You must be standing at a storage container to use it.

The storage capacity is based on weight, not the number of items (just like your character inventory), so you are limited as to what you can store in your storage.

It's important to note that your storage is localized (unless you have connected territories - see below). This means that each settlement has a different storage. For example, you run to the First Light settlement and put 200 ore in that storage. You then make your way up to Everfall. While in Everfall you use the storage container in that settlement. The 200 ore you stored in First Light will not be there because it's in the First Light storage and not the Everfall storage. So, the only way to get that 200 ore would be to then go back to First Light and retrieve it from the First Light storage.

Connected Storages

When you interact with a storage shed, you link it to your storage shed network. So, while you are running around the world, make sure you interact with each one so that you can transfer between them. When transferring items between locations, it doesn't matter where you are. Additionally, it no longer requires a fee to transfer with the Heart of Madness patch 1.4, so transfer to your heart's content!  

It is possible to increase your storage capacity in each settlement by increasing your standing within that territory and choosing the increase storage capacity bonus. When you increase you capacity in one territory it applies only to that territory. So, make note of that since it is not a global increase for every storage location.

How to Increase Your Storage Capacity in New World

You can increase your storage capacity in 3 ways in new world. The first is related to your character's inventory, and not the storage system mentioned above. You can increase the amount of weight / storage capacity your character inventory has by first leveling up and gaining access to additional bag slots. You gain additional bag slots at level 10, 30, and 45. You can then upgrade the bags up to tier V in order to increase the storage capacity per bag which will increase your overall inventory capacity.

You can check a list of all available bags by checking our database. Bag's can also come with a variety of perks that enhance your bag's storage capabilities. Below you'll find a list of the available bag perks:

| Prospector's Burden    | Reduce the weight of ores, ingots, and pickaxes 
| Mercenary's Burden     | Reduce the weight of weapons and ammunition
| Lumberjack's Burden    | Reduce the weight of wood, timber, and logging axes
| Extra Pockets          | You can hold more weight
| Weaver's Burden        | Reduce the weight of fiber, cloth, and sickles 
| Alchemist's Burden     | Reduce the weight of alchemy reagents, potions, and sickles
| Luck                   | +x% chance at rare items from chests and monsters
| Gourmand's Burden      | Reduce the weight of raw and cooked food by
| Quarryman's Burden     | Reduce the weight of stone, blocks, gems, and pickaxes
| Tanner's Burden        | Reduce the weight of rawhide, leather, and skinning knives
| Quartermaster's Burden | Reduce the weight of armor
| Azoth Attuned          | When you gain Azoth gain x% more
| Plentiful Arrows       | When landing a hit with a bow x% chance you gain an arrow
| Plentiful Shells       | When landing a hit with a rifle x% chance you gain ammo
| Loyalty                | When you gain faction tokens gain x% more

 The following two methods are directly related to you storage bins located in each territory. You can increase you storage via territory standing rewards and by placing storage chests in your house.

In order to increase you storage with territory standing, you must first hit certain standing milestones to obtain the option and then select the storage card when presented with the option to increase storage capacity. Each time you select the storage card you will receive an additional 25 storage. This is the only territory standing card that does not suffer from diminishing returns so you'll want to make sure you select the storage card options every time it's available.

The second method of increasing your storage bin capacity in an applicable territory is through owning a home in that territory and placing down a storage chest inside of the house. Upon placing a storage bin inside of your house your storage shed's weight limit for the settlement your house is in will increase.  Please note that you can only own up to 3 homes, so you will only be able to use this method in a maximum of 3 territories. The tier of your house will determine the amount of storage chests you can place. There are different types and tiers of storage chests that will allow you to store more with higher tier chests. You can see the list of storage chests below, and you can check our database for a comprehensive list of housing furniture.  

 | Storage Chest Type                              | Storage Amt  | Rarity   | Tier
 | Booty Storage Chest                             | 800          | Rare     | T3   
 | Cursed Storage Chest                            | 1050         | Epic     | T4   
 | Dynasty Storage Chest                           | 800          | Rare     | T3   
 | Golden Steel Storage Chest                      | 1000         | Epic     | T4   
 | Hewn Log Storage Chest                          | 400          | Common   | T1   
 | Hope Storage Chest                              | 800          | Rare     | T3  
 | Hunter Storage Chest                            | 650          | Uncommon | T2   
 | Iron Storage Chest                              | 600          | Uncommon | T2   
 | Mossy Rock Storage Chest                        | 450          | Common   | T1   
 | Old Wood Storage Chest                          | 450          | Common   | T1   
 | Polished Marble Storage Chest                   | 1050         | Epic     | T4   
 | Stone Storage Chest                             | 650          | Uncommon | T2   
 | Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare (Event Reward)| 1050         | Epic     | T4

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