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Last Updated: August 06, 2022 Reading Time: 9 min

New World Life Staff Build

Acolyte PVP – Life Staff/VoidGauntlet


The Acolyte New World Life Staff Build uses the Life Staff and Void Gauntlet to provide Amazing Group Support in PVP. In this New World Build Guide, we will go through everything you need to know about the Acolyte New World Healer build.


  • Amazing Group Support
  • Good Healing
  • Decent Damage Output
  • Ability to set up Kills in Group Setting


  • High Skill Ceiling
  • Requires Good Group Coordination.
  • Challenging to heal ranged DPS

Mastery Points

Life Staff Mastery Points

Life Staff Active Abilities
PVP – Sacred GroundBeaconOrb of Protection

For the Acolyte build, you will use the classic AOE healing Set up. Beacon and Sacred Ground will be used to for AOE healing during group fights. Orb of Protection is your single target heal, which can also be used as a group heal if used effectively.

Void Gauntlet Mastery Points

Void Gauntlet Active Abilities
PVP- Oblivion Petrifying ScreamVoid Blade

When coupled with their designated weapon perks (Putrifying Scream and Nullifying Oblivion), Void Gauntlet is home to two of the best abilities in New World.  Oblivion is a very powerful supportability that not only weakens enemies inside of it but also buffs the damage of your allies.   With the Nullifying Oblivion perk, Oblivion will also strip buffs from your enemies.   Due to the versatility and power of Oblivion, it is crucial to be mindful of your cooldown and when and where to use it. 

Petrifying Scream is a strong, root, CC ability that will allow you to lock down your enemies. You can use Petrifying Scream to peel for yourself when getting pressured or help set up kills for your team.

Void Blade is the final ability. This gives you some offense when needed and can be used to help apply pressure to an enemy. Learning when to cast Void Blade and when to continue supporting your team is key to the Acolyte Build.


The attribute split for the Acolyte build is 100 INT, 250 FOC, and 150 CON.

This split allows you to deal damage at a high rate while still providing your group with good healing.

You can make some adjustments to feel here as you get adjusted to the build:

  • More Survivability – 50 INT, 250 FOC, 200 CON
  • More Healing – 50 INT, 300 FOC, 150 CON


In this Section of the Acolyte – New World Healer Build, we will break down what equipment you will use. This includes armor and weapon perks and equip weight

For this healer build, we will be in the light equip weight category. It is hard to pass up the 30% increased healing, especially with the changes coming in the May update. The best way to obtain this equip load is with the following armor setups:




Most of the armor you need to run with this New World Life Staff Build will be obtained through crafting or random drops. Below is the ideal perk spread you will want across all of your armor pieces. In order to get this, you will need Resilient on all of your gear. The order of importance of perks is from top to bottom. As you build up your gear set, make sure to prioritize these perks:

Resilient is the gold standard of PVP perks and helps regulate your damage taken as it takes the sting out of critical hits that land against you. With the 150 CON perk, you will hit the Crit-resistance cap.

Cooldown reduction

Since the Acolyte build has a lot of long cooldowns, you’ll need to stack cooldown reduction. Refreshing Evasion can be used in this build due to its long cooldowns, giving you time to dodge enough to potentially reduce the cooldowns past the point of Refreshing. The downside to Refreshing Evasion is that it only reduces your active cooldowns, so your back bar weapon will not receive the benefits as it would with Refreshing.

Shirking Fortification has taken the place of freedom as the best defensive perk after Resilient. As a support class, you will most likely be targeted in combat. Utilizing Shirking Fortification by dodging through attacks can help add survivability as you dodge through attacks. Couple this while dancing in your Fortifying Sacred Grounds, and you will become almost unkillable.

The rest of the perks are Weapon Perks you will need to increase your utility. Therefore, Fortifying Sacred Ground, Nullifying Oblivion, and Putrifying Scream are top-tier weapon perks you will want to prioritize over Refreshing and Shirking Fortication as you collect your gear.


For Life staff, Will of the Ancients remains one of the best Life Staffs in New World. It provides Blessed with two cool-down reduction perks. The only thing that can make it better is a staff with Mending Orb instead of Refreshing. You will need to look for a crafted Life Staff.

  • Blessed
  • Refreshing Move
  • Mending Orb

Will of the Ancients – Drops in the Lazarus Instrumentality.

Void Gauntlet – For your Void Gauntlet you will most likely be looking for a crafted weapon with the following perks:

  • Keen
  • Enchanted
  • Plagued Crits

Until you find one you can use Dusk (Rafflebones or Stockpile Chest) or Blackguard’s Void Gauntlet

Keen and Enchanted are standard perks that you want on most weapons. Keen becomes even better with the Void Blade as it helps reduce cooldowns and provides a chunk of self-healing.

Plagued Crits is to provide to stack a “Reduced Healing Received” debuff on your group targets. Couple this with Putrifying Scream and Nullifying Oblivion, and you’ll be able to set up a kill on any target for your group.


All of your jewelry will need to be custom-crafted. The perks are labeled from left to right in order of importance. As you build up your gear set, you should prioritize obtaining jewelry with these perks in this order.

Amulet – Health, Divine, Refreshing

Ring – Sacred, Keen Awareness, Refreshing

Earring – Refreshing Toast, Nimble, Refreshing


Gems in your armor and Jewelry should be used to mitigate the meta. If the meta is balanced just make sure you have gems that balance out your armor. Generally, if your armor is well balanced, Oxyx in your armor is the best choice since physical damage is the most prevalent damage type in New World.

For your weapons, Diamonds in both your life staff and Void Gauntlet will increase your healing output and provide some increase to damage while you are at full health.



Consumables on this build are pretty Strait forward. You will want one of each type of Infused potion on your bar (Health, Mana, and Regen) and a Stack of Hearty Meals. You will want to save your health pot cooldowns for the windows you get pressure from enemies. When your Health pots are on cooldown, you should use an Infused Regeneration Potion and Hearty Meal together.

Mana Potions are pretty straightforward, just make sure to not potion during your burst window with Void Blade as you get 10% increased damage below 50% mana.

Food and Utility

The food slot for most builds is flexible. You should use the cheapest Attribute food possible that allows you to hit your Attribute benchmarks. Some of the cheaper foods with the stats you will need for the Acolyte build include:

For Utility, you should use Powerful Oakflesh Balm or Powerful Gem Stone Dust to help provide increased survivability while under pressure from your opponents. These options are pricey, but you can use the cheaper version of them if needed.

How to Use the Acolyte New World Life Staff Build

In this section of the guide, we will break down the key strategies of using the Acolyte Build. These strategies include healing, supporting group kills, and survivability.


Your main role is to provide group healing. This can be done effectively by managing your cooldowns and knowing when to use your abilities. The most important ability you have is Sacred Ground. Casting Sacred ground in areas where your team fights can be the difference between life and death. Make sure you are calling out your Sacred Ground casts and the area in which it is to help teammates be mindful of its location. You can also use Sacred Ground on yourself when the other team targets you to “dance” in to avoid death.

Beacon is used in a similar way as Sacred Ground. Adding a Beacon to your Sacred Ground creates one of the best Defense environments in the game. You can also continually add Orb of protection to the fray for the ultimate AOE healing Combo.

If you have Ranged DPS, you will need to use Beacon and Orb of Protection cooldowns effectively to keep them healed on the move.

Supporting Group Kills

This New World Life Staff Build provides a deadly combo to help set up group kills in PVP. This combo does require good group communication and coordination to pull off. First, your group must choose a target. Once chosen, cast Petrifying Scream on the Target and drop Oblivion. From here you will want a second person in your group to cast a follow-up CC as you Cast Void Blade and proc Plagued Crits with your light attacks. While applying healing debuffs and striping of buffs on your target, will open up a prime window for the kill.

It is, again, important to remember your healing role throughout this window. Once you lock down your target, don’t forget to place a Sacred Ground in the Area to provide an extra amount of defense and survivability for your team as you go for the kill.

Using Void Blade

Using Void Blade with the Acolyte build is all about timing. It’s important to remember your primary role as a support player and to not play the hero. As mentioned above, you want to primarily use your Void Blade to support Group Kills and provide healing debuffs on targets with Putrifying Scream and Plagued Crits.

You can also use Void Blade defensively in a last-ditch effort of survivability. We will talk more about this in the section below.


As a support player, you will often be the target of your opponents. Stacking the Fortification buff can help you take more damage while still benefiting from the 30% increased healing buff you Obtain while in the Light Equip Weight. With Fortifying Sacred Ground, Fortifying Blade, and Shirking Fortification you should have no problem maintaining Max Fortification (50%) in most encounters.

You can also use Petrifying Scream defensively to root an opponent and kite away from them. Outside of Scream, it’s important for your group to peel for you as you take heavy amounts of pressure.

Finally, if all else fails, lay Sacred Ground down, pop Void Blade, and start swinging to utilizing Leeching Agony and Voidcaller to survive until you can dodge away or your teammate can help peel for you.

New World Life Staff Build PVP conclusion

That’s it for our Acolyte Build Guide. Remember to keep your teammate’s health topped off and keep your eyes open for opportunities to set up kills using Petrifying Scream and Oblivion and you’ll have no trouble mastering this New World Healer Build.