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How to Fast Travel in New World

Guide last updated: April 25th, 2022 for Patch 1.5 - Bugs and Balance Update

In this guide you find:
Introduction to Fast Travel
Utilizing Roads
Using an Inn
Settlement to Settlement using Azoth
Home Ownership Fast Travel
Spirit Shrines
Fast Travel In-game Guide

Introduction to Fast Travel in New World

Fast Traveling can be important to your success in New World, and is most definitely more convenient than taking the hike from settlement to settlement. There are no mounts in New World, and it can take quite a bit of time to move around, however,  there are several fast travel options available to players in New World.

Utilizing Roads

When running between settlements or traveling throughout Aeternum you can utilize roads for a movement speed bonus. While on a road you will be granted a 10% bonus to movement speed. The bonus will not trigger unless the player has been running for 3 seconds and they are on a road, and the movement speed bonus will be cancelled if a player engages in combat in any way such as dodging, blocking, attacking, or being hit with a debuff. It's important to note that the movement speed bonus is not active while engaged in wars, outpost rush, or duels.

Using an Inn

Another option is by traveling to a settlement (not a fort), and visiting the Inn. Once you visit the Inn you can talk with the Innkeeper and receive the option to gain fast travel to that particular settlement. You can only have one Inn active at a time, so if you travel to another settlement and set that settlement as your fast travel location via the Inn option it overrides the previous Inn you had selected.

Once you have visited an Inn and set it as your fast travel location you can then fast travel back to your selected inn from anywhere in Aeternum. Simply press M to open your map, and click on the settlement you have chosen. You will then see the option to “Recall to Inn.”  There is a 30 minute cooldown associated with this option. It's important to note that utilizing this method does not require Azoth, and can be used from anywhere in Aeternum. You do not have to be in a settlement or at a Spirit Shrine to utilize your Inn. You can be anywhere in Aeternum.

Settlement to Settlement using Azoth

Fast travel in New World is also available via using the resource Azoth. Open your map and click on the settlement you wish to travel to.  Below the “Recall to Inn” Option there is “Fast Travel” Option. This option costs 20 Azoth unless you are traveling with the same territory. The cost is 10 Azoth when traveling within the same territory. You will also receive a Faction Discount when travelling to other territories owned by your faction. 

You may notice some of the forts state that you can earn some pretty significant discounts to fast travel via territory ownership and owning forts the various territories. 
  • First Light – Reduces fast travel weight costs from 5 azoth per 10 weight down to 1 azoth per 10 weight for controlling faction.
  • Monarchs Bluff – Reduces fast travel distance costs from 5 azoth per 1000 meters down to 0 azoth.
  • Cutlass Keys – Reduces base Azoth cost of fast travel by 50% for controlling faction.
However, with patch 1.4 owning those forts will no longer grant fast travel bonuses as the cost was reworked to be a flat 20 Azoth with a -10 Azoth discount when travelling within the same territory. 

Also important to note: You must have enough Azoth, and must have visited a settlement before you can use this option. You can only use this option if you are at another fast travel location, such as a settlement or another Fast Travel Point like a Spirit Shrine (see below).

Home Ownership

If you own a home within a settlement and are not past due on your taxes then you can use that home as a fast travel location to that particular settlement. You can own up to 3 different houses across Aeternum, each with an independent fast travel cooldown. The cooldown timer varies based on the tier of home you own:

Tier 1 - 4 Hours
Tier 2 - 3 Hours
Tier 3 - 2.5 Hours
Tier 4 - 2 Hours

Unlike traveling from settlement to settlement or using Spirit Shrines, fast traveling to your home does not cost Azoth, and can be performed anywhere in Aeternum. You may also pay a fee of 20 Azoth to reset the fast travel time to your home and instantly travel there without having to wait out the timer. The amount of Azoth required to reset the timer slowly ticks down as the timer inches closer to being expired and resets.

Spirit Shrines

Spirt Shrines are locations that allow players to fast travel from location to location at the cost of Azoth. When looking at your map, you will see al the Spirit Shrines are marked for you. If they appear silver in color, this means you do not have them unlocked. However if they appear golden in color then you can fast travel to them. Make sure to unlock them all so you can quickly get around the map faster!

Fast Travel In-game Guide

The Heart of Madness patch 1.4 added a new in-game guide for fast traveling that you can reference while playing. To access it, open your Journal [J] and then select the "GUIDES" tab. Doing so should open up all the guides. The first one in the list should be Fast Travel:

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