Winter Warrior

Collect Runestone Fragments from Isvari in Edengrove and Sesa in Ebonscale Reach to locate the cave of the Winter Warrior and defeat the mastermind within.
Level: 60
Turn in NPC: The Winter Wanderer
Territory: Everfall

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: Wanderer Reborn


XP: 3000
Gold: 112.5
Territory Standing: 175
Azoth: 50




Very well. Then we must track down the Winter Warrior. He is savage and cunning, and he commands the other yetis.

This is the enemy the Voice in the wind sent me to defeat. The Spirit of Winter Convergence brought us together on Aeternum to determine the fate of all.

In Progress

Isvari in Edengrove and Sesa in Ebonscale Reach hold runestones that will lead you to the Winter Warrior. Offer the stones at the Warrior's cave to summon him.

The fate of Aeternum's winter is in your hands now, friend of Mirgos.
I felt the Winter Warrior's defeat the moment you struck him down! Aeternum is now safe!

There is still more cheer to be shared, though. Next year I shall return and see your progress. For now, continue doing activities in the Winter Village and settlements to spread the Spirit of Convergence!


Zelgraz, 5 months ago

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