Statuette Stash

Collect four Dragon Statuettes to deliver to Zeng Lingyun in Ebonscale so she can locate the dock leading to the Empress's fleet.
Level: 60
Quest Giver: Zeng Lingyun
Turn in NPC: Zeng Lingyun
Territory: Ebonscale Reach

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 53


XP: 5630
Gold: 157.5
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 30


  • Collect the Air Dragon Statuette from the Air Shrine
  • Collect the Water Dragon Statuette from the Water Shrine
  • Collect the Earth Dragon Statuette from the Earth Shrine
  • Collect the Fire Dragon Statuette from the Fire Shrine



Yes. Her thirst for power overcame her sense of respect and decorum. It is a tragic tale.

The past is gone, however, and it is the present for which I am now concerned. The Empress is a threat to the entire world.

In Progress

The dragon statuettes are the only way to gain access to the Empress's docks.
Ah, thank you. Empress Taiying fancies herself a dragon goddess, but she is only a human who has succumbed to Corruption.

With you as our champion, I believe we can bring her down for good.


Zelgraz, 9 months ago
Zelgraz, 9 months ago

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