Prime Resolve

Gather supplies for Ranger Law to make Prime Resolve.
Level: 65
Quest Giver: Mirrell Law
Territory: Great Cleave

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 60


XP: 6570
Gold: 166.25
Azoth: 30


  • Complete Quest: Funnelling In
  • Complete Quest: Requiring Concentration
  • Complete Quest: Flintlock
  • Complete Quest: Head of the Pack
  • Complete Quest: Flamestarters
  • Complete Quest: Growth From the Stem
  • Complete Quest: Swirling Staff Base
  • Complete Quest: Reagent Retrieval
  • Defeat Eridanite Dryads
    • Quantity: 35
  • Defeat Dryads for a Curved Staffhead
  • Defeat Myrkgard Corrupted
    • Quantity: 50
  • Search chests within for Blistering Reagents
  • Claim a head for your staff from the Dryads of
  • Search for flintlocks at
  • Seek a stem for your staff at
  • Defeat Scorpius Corrupted
    • Quantity: 50
  • Defeat for Pulsing Staff Stem
  • Venture to in search of a Vortex Funnel
  • Defeat Southguard Corrupted
    • Quantity: 50
  • Defeat Corrupted for Vortex Funnels
  • Search for Flint Flamestarters in
  • Defeat Periville Undead
    • Quantity: 45
  • Search Open Caskets for Flint Flamestarters
  • Brave for reagents
  • Climb the tower in search of a base for your staff
  • Defeat Alcazarian Dryads
    • Quantity: 45
  • Defeat Dryads for a Swirling Staff Base
  • Defeat Skullworm Pirates
    • Quantity: 45
  • Search chests within for Orichalcum Flintlock
  • Delve into the in search of an Azoth Concentrator
  • Defeat Unhallowed Corrupted
    • Quantity: 50
  • Defeat for Azoth Concentrator



Here in Aeternum, where doom haunts our every move, we must hang on to the things that make us feel alive.

To that end, there is a legend we tell in Great Cleave that warms our hearts.

In Progress

Isn’t fire wonderful? It keeps us warm, cooks our food, burns away the darkness and the filth and the pain…

Once you craft your own fire staff, you’ll understand.
At last, Prime Resolve is completed. It’s beautiful. Truly a force to be reckoned with!

Knowing you wield it will keep me warm during my cold patrols.

Stream Team