Pirates Will Pirate

Defeat Neptunite Pirates and collect Pirate Booty from chests for Constable Muller in the Restless Shores Settlement.
Level: 41
Quest Giver: Lyse Muller
Turn in NPC: Lyse Muller
Territory: Restless Shore

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 39


XP: 2930
Gold: 88.75
Territory Standing: 175
Azoth: 10


  • Defeat Neptunite Pirates and collect Pirate Booty at Neptune's Fury
  • Defeat Neptunite Pirates
    • Quantity: 15
  • Collect {ItemName} from Chests
    • Item Pirate Booty
    • Quantity: 5
    • Drop Chance: 100
    • Location: Neptune's Fury



Rilette Wilson's claiming there's a werewolf stalking the shore, and others say the Lost have gone to war.

The soulless, aimless Lost fighting each other - it makes no sense. I don't buy it.

In Progress

I mean, how long have the Lost pirates of Aeternum been raiding the supplies of the living?

It's normal Lost pirate behavior, nothing more.
Haha! You gave those damn buccaneers a little payback, didn't you? Let's see the spoils!

Perfect! This should make everyone happy, get things back to normal. Thank you, {playerName}.


Zelgraz, 9 months ago

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