Opening Supply Lines

Defeat Stonetooth Pirates in Stonetooth Terrace and their leader Master Henry by the river docks. Report back to Survivalist Lee in the Everfall Settlement when your task is complete.
Level: 11
Quest Giver: Odnell Lee
Turn in NPC: Odnell Lee
Territory: Everfall

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: Researcher's Request


XP: 610
Gold: 51.25
Territory Standing: 175
Azoth: 0


  • Confront Master Henry and the Lost Pirates at Stonetooth Terrace for Survivalist Lee
  • Defeat Lost Stonetooth Pirates
    • Quantity: 10
  • Defeat Master Henry on the river docks
    • Quantity: 1



I want to see if I can get Artificer Petrowski to crack a smile.

She had an order of supplies coming from Weaver's Fen, but it never made it.

In Progress

Master Henry and his Lost Pirates are still menacing the east roads. Something needs to be done.
Haha! You gave Master Henry the what for, didn't you? Let's hope that bastard stays down.

Leave it to me to tell old Tekla. I appreciate your help, friend!


Zelgraz, 5 months ago

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