One Threat at a Time

Defeat Ambrose and Zebulon at Nyhart's Anchorage. Talk to Constable Oakes at the First Light Settlement when the foes are vanquished.
Level: 17
Quest Giver: Sylvia Oakes
Turn in NPC: Sylvia Oakes
Territory: First Light


XP: 1000
Gold: 82.25
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Explore Nyhart's Anchorage and eliminate the threat of the Pirate leaders



We once had an alliance with Nyhart's Anchorage, but… unfortunate events changed that.

The Lost pirates there are now a threat to our settlement's security.

In Progress

The Lost in Nyhart's Anchorage may not be as dangerous as the Corruption, but they are a threat all the same.
It's done then? Ambrose and Zebulon destroyed? Thank you.

They will return, of course, but they will lose the sentience that made them dangerous.