Meat For Nekumanesh (Expedition)

Collect Hunks of Meat for Nekumanesh the alligator from Corrupted Leaders in The Depths Expedition.
Level: 46
Quest Giver: Nekumanesh
Turn in NPC: Nekumanesh
Territory: Restless Shore

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 43


XP: 8600
Gold: 15.2
Territory Standing: 375
Azoth: 0


  • Defeat and collect Hunk of Meat
  • Defeat Archdeacon Azamela and collect Hunk of Meat
  • Defeat and collect Hunk of Meat
  • Venture into the Depths Expedition for Nekumanesh



(The alligator snaps at you, clearly offended by the insinuation that he isn't big enough.)

In Progress

(Nekumanesh looks at you suspiciously. He had been expecting you to return with food.)
(With a hearty snap of his jaws, Nekumanesh eats up all the meat you gave him like he'd been starving. Did he just get a little bigger…?)


Zelgraz, 9 months ago

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