Madaki's Stratagem

Search the forges of Caminus for any weapon molds or crucibles they might be using to forge weapons of great power. Then report back to Ranger Madaki in Shattered Mountain.
Level: 65
Quest Giver: Eintou Madaki
Turn in NPC: Eintou Madaki
Territory: Shattered Mountain

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 60


XP: 6570
Gold: 166.25
Azoth: 30




Possibly, but there seem to be some unique molds involved in the process.

If the Corrupted are attempting to forge such things, it would be in the forges of Caminus. Someone will need to go there.

In Progress

If it is possible to use these Ancient forging techniques, we'll need whatever molds or crucibles they're using at the forges of Caminus.
You've returned. I'm impressed and cautiously optimistic. You found the crucibles?

Amazing. With these, we can forge a great variety of weapon types. I will share them amongst all the Rangers and Wardens.


Zelgraz, 10 months ago

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