Led By Stars

Search chests at Ancient Lookouts Monoceros, Lacerta, and Carina. Report back to William Heron in the Everfall Settlement when your task is complete.
Level: 23
Quest Giver: William Heron
Turn in NPC: William Heron
Territory: Everfall


XP: 1420
Gold: 92.75
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Search ancient coffer at Monoceros
  • Search ancient coffer at Lacerta
  • Search ancient coffer at Carina



I'm sorry if this is becoming repetitive for you, but such is the nature of science!

Recover the astrolabes from Monoceros, Lacerta, and Carina. We're getting closer.

In Progress

Studying the astrolabes from Monoceros, Lacerta, and Carina will give us answers. Perhaps not all of them, but it's a start.
Aha! And here's one of my theories proven - the consistent age of the dust!

At some point, the Ancient Guardians all went dormant. Fascinating! But... it doesn't help against Corruption.

Stream Team