Joy Recaptured

Find and return a Lost Present of the many around Aeternum to the Winter Wanderer in the Winter Village.
Level: 25
Turn in NPC: The Winter Wanderer
Territory: Everfall

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: Gleamite Crystals


XP: 1230
Gold: 68.75
Territory Standing: 175
Azoth: 50




Yes, {playerName}. I remember the sound of bells, children laughing…

But I also remember the sound of howling wind, an ever-growing darkness. Tending the Tree of Light will push back the darkness.

In Progress

Forever Winter threatens the land. But the Tree of Light can protect against the darkness.

Work with human villages and find gifts. You must make the Tree of Light shine bright and warm the land.
This gift… makes me remember…

I was lost on a mountain, in a terrible winter storm. A bright star led me into a cave. When I came out the other side, I was here in Aeternum.

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