Forging Boundless Ward

Recover the components needed to forge Boundles Ward and deliver them to Ranger Madaki in Mountainhome.
Level: 65
Turn in NPC: Eintou Madaki
Territory: Shattered Mountain


XP: 6570
Gold: 166.25
Azoth: 30


  • Complete Quest: Scorched Mines
  • Complete Quest: Tangled Tribulations
  • Complete Quest: Upper Harrows
  • Complete Quest: Divine Opulence
  • Complete Quest: Tower of Terrors
  • Complete Quest: Corrupted Forge
  • Complete Quest: Unhallowed Flesh
  • Complete Quest: Maw of Corruption
  • Complete Quest: Lost Materials
  • Complete Weaver's Weave
  • Complete Quest: Secret of Eridanus
  • Complete Quest: Scorpius


In Progress

A longsword without a sister shield is like a missing limb.

Start your journey with confidence. I look forward to your return and testing my smithing skills.
You're back, good. With these materials I can forge the strongest shield in all of Aeternum.

There…. Boundless Ward. This will defend against Corruption, and anything else, for that matter.

Stream Team