Foreman's Ledger (Expedition)

Collect the Foreman's Ledger in Amrine Excavation. Report back to William Heron in the Everfall Settlement when your task is complete.
Level: 25
Quest Giver: William Heron
Turn in NPC: William Heron
Territory: Everfall

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 23
Follow-up to: Center of the Stars


XP: 2310
Gold: 96.25
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Venture Into The Amrine Excavation



Simon led the expedition into the Amrine Excavation of Windsward many years ago, and never returned.

I still say the real genius behind Simon was his Foreman, who mapped every Ancient Ruin in all Aeternum.

In Progress

The Amrine Excavation is a dangerous digsite, so you will likely need friends to safely explore it.

Do not go in underprepared, unless you enjoy the experience of dying.
Is that it? His ledger? Fantastic! With this, I can learn a great deal!

Some of the notes he made here… fascinating. Who knew?


Zelgraz, 9 months ago

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