Destiny Unearthed

To become a Soulwarden, you'll need a Heartgem. Brave the depths of the Amrine Excavation and find one.
Level: 23
Quest Giver: Yonas Alazar
Turn in NPC: Yonas Alazar
Territory: Main Story


XP: 5000
Gold: 269.5
Territory Standing: 0
Azoth: 100




A Heartgem - a vessel you'll use to encase your soul, protect it, a cold vault within your chest.

And the place you'll have to go to get one is a cold vault in the earth, beneath the Amrine Temple.

In Progress

You should be able to open the Amrine temple door with that staff of yours.

Bring back the Heartgem, and we can finally start the ritual.
Look at that - an empty Heartgem. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Take a good look, because this thing is going to become part of you forever.


Zelgraz, 5 months ago

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