Center of the Stars

Search for an Armillary Sphere and defeat Starfallen Ancient Guardians at the Shattered Obelisk. Report back to William Heron in the Everfall Settlement when your task is complete.
Level: 25
Quest Giver: William Heron
Turn in NPC: William Heron
Territory: Everfall

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: Led By Stars


XP: 1540
Gold: 96.25
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Search for an Armillary Sphere at Shattered Obelisk for William Heron
  • Defeat Ancient Guardian
    • Quantity: 15
  • Search Shattered Obelisk for an Armillary Sphere



Not yet, and of course, the unfortunate fact is that everything points to the Shattered Obelisk as the epicenter.

Those ruins are guarded by the Starfallen. I estimate the odds of even you getting in there to be very, very low.

In Progress

I cannot encourage you to take this risk. Dying in the Shattered Obelisk may be more than a soul can bear.
Did you... really? To enter the Obelisk and return - It defies logic.

Let me see the Armillary Sphere. Yes. Yes, this will activate the towers. Your part is done.


Zelgraz, 3 months ago

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