Bones For Barkimedes (Expedition)

Simon Grey's dog Barkimedes is awaiting his master's return and is very hungry. From what you can tell he would appreciate having some Ravager bones to gnaw on.
Level: 25
Quest Giver: Barkimedes
Turn in NPC: Barkimedes
Territory: Windsward


XP: 4920
Gold: 11.0
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 0


  • Defeat to get Succulent Bone for Barkimedes
    • Item Succulent Bone
    • Quantity: 5
    • Drop Chance: ?
    • Location: The Amrine Excavation
  • Venture into the Amrine Excavation Expedition



Sniff, sniff… Ruff! (Barkimedes sounds like he's hungry.)

In Progress

(Barkimedes is panting eagerly, waiting for the bones.)
Woof! (Barkimedes excitedly takes the bones… and promptly buries them.)


Zelgraz, 5 months ago

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