Azoth Fulminate

Test the prototype azoth bombs against the Corrupted sludge in Harplass Homestead. Talk to Artificer Cotheran in the Windsward Settlement when the task is complete.
Level: 20
Quest Giver: Sandris Cotheran
Turn in NPC: Sandris Cotheran
Territory: Windsward


XP: 1800
Gold: 87.5
Territory Standing: 175
Azoth: 20


  • Return to Harplass Homestead to place Prototype Azoth Bombs
  • Place the Prototype Azoth Bombs



A fulminate! Not of mercury or gold, but of azoth! Highly volatile, and packing quite a punch.

For those untrained in the alchemical arts, you would know it better as a type of explosive.

In Progress

While this fulminate is difficult to make, if these bombs are successful, it may be a powerful new weapon in our arsenal.

Imagine explosions of azoth bringing down the largest Corrupted structures!
Ha! I saw the smoke rising in the west and I knew you were successful.

Tell me, how well did they work? Did they destroy that Corrupted sludge?


Zelgraz, 10 months ago

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