Argent and Aether

You'll need silver to make your crosspiece, and a forge of supernatural strength. Acquire silver ingots, then travel to Mirador Forge to make the crosspiece.
Level: 20
Quest Giver: Yonas Alazar
Turn in NPC: Yonas Alazar
Territory: Main Story

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: The First Component


XP: 3000
Gold: 75.0
Territory Standing: 0
Azoth: 150


  • Acquire Silver Ingots for Your Azoth Staff Crosspiece
  • Visit Mirador Forge to craft your Azoth Staff Crosspiece
  • Ascend the ruins in search of the forge
  • Defeat Ezra the Forgemaster
    • Quantity: 1
  • Forge the Azoth Staff Crosspiece out of 5 Silver Ingots at Mirador Forge



You can't. We had to melt them all down to make weapons during the last war.

The good news is that you're strong and clever and can make one yourself!

In Progress

Forge yourself a crosspiece yet?

I hope Mirador Forge still retains some of its old glory.

Mind you don't forget to bring your silver ingots.
Ah, the prodigal child returns, and with a shiny silver crosspiece as well! This will do nicely.

Tell me… no… old Ezra was there? He hated letting the forge go cold. Perhaps you gave him some release.


Doc_Holiday, 5 months ago
5 Silver Ingots
Doc_Holiday, 5 months ago
How many ingots? I've slayed the mob yet I cannot craft the cross on the forget...
Another guy is stuck on the previous part as he can't get credit for killing the mob...
Games still a bit buggered I suppose.
Zelgraz, 5 months ago

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