Archdeacon Azamela (Expedition)

Collect the head of Archdeacon Azamela in The Depths for Magistrate Gurkin.
Level: 46
Quest Giver: Taslav Gurkin
Turn in NPC: Taslav Gurkin
Territory: Restless Shore

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 43


XP: 12500
Gold: 133.0
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Defeat the architect of The Depths within its halls
  • Defeat Archdeacon Azamela and Collect His Head



You’re damn right, there is! The Corrupted! The Shattered Mountain?

Just when we thought we'd earned a reprieve, now the Corrupted have a foothold, right here in Restless Shore.

In Progress

Who knows what darkness this Archdeacon Azamela is cooking up in the Depths.

As you said, they must be driven out of Restless Shore, and kept out.
Is that it? You destroyed the Archdeacon, didn't you? There's another blow for righteousness and the good of humanity!

Well done, {playerName}, and as promised, here is your reward.


Zelgraz, 9 months ago

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