Answer the Call

You've decided to answer Commander Thorpe's personal challenge. Travel to Mourningdale. There, you'll meet up with the Soulwarden scouts who are currently surveilling Thorpe in his lair, the Depths.
Level: 40
Quest Giver: Yonas Alazar
Turn in NPC: Warden Scout Titus
Territory: Main Story


XP: 4750
Gold: 70.0
Territory Standing: 0
Azoth: 150


  • Reach Level 40 to Unlock the Next Main Story Chapter



In Restless Shores. I've been dispatching most new Wardens to hold the lines in Great Cleave and Shattered Mountain.

But I've sent some of our best scouts to look for weaknesses in Thorpe's base.

In Progress

Hurry back, will you? Who knows how long I'll be able to keep the factions from each others' throats without you.
Keep your voice down! Thorpe has eyes and ears all over Restless Shores.

I'm the last Warden scout left - the others let their guard down. Thorpe found them.