Animal Instincts

Gather samples from wildcats and alligators and bring them to Tosch in Cutlass Keyes so he can study how to tame them.
Level: 30
Quest Giver: Tosch
Turn in NPC: Tosch
Territory: Cutlass Keys

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 25


XP: 1460
Gold: 75.0
Territory Standing: 175
Azoth: 10




I have a way with animals. I can feel what they feel, know what they know. I can get into their heads and see the world through their eyes.

But sometimes I need more. I need parts of the animals to understand them.

In Progress

Nature is beautiful, and can be distracting, but you need to stay focused.

Remember the goal - seek out wildcats and alligators!
These are wonderful! Just what I was looking for. I have a feeling I'm getting closer!

Can you imagine having a tame wildcat helping you hunt? Or an alligator keeping the Lost away from your home?


Zelgraz, about 2 months ago

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