Anguine Anguish (Expedition)

Defeat the Greenskeeper in the Garden of Genesis. Then report back to Survivalist Wardell in Edengrove.
Level: 65
Quest Giver: Percy Ellwood
Territory: Edengrove

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 60


XP: 20000
Gold: 166.25
Azoth: 30


  • Go to The Garden of Genesis
  • Defeat The Blighted Greenskeeper
    • Quantity: 1



Yes, it is the sacred nursery for all Angry Earth, and when young, they are most vulnerable.

If we help protect their young in the Garden, we may yet forge some understanding.

In Progress

The Greenskeeper is not only a threat to the Garden, but to all of Aeternum.

He is but one of the many ways the Blight has manifested. We must release the Garden from his grip.
Ah! Then the Greensman is no more? His scourge will take ages to heal, but at least it has begun.

Thanks to you, brave one, there is hope. The young will sprout again, and cycle of the earth will continue.