Ancient Truths, Ancient Lies

Defeat Fineseer foot soldiers while climbing to the top of Vela, and show its treasure to Gildon in Mourningdale.
Level: 50
Quest Giver: Gildon
Turn in NPC: Gildon
Territory: Mourningdale


XP: 2890
Gold: 140.0
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Claim the relic hidden atop Vela
  • Defeat Fineseer skeletons
    • Quantity: 12
  • Defeat for his Gilded Spyglass



Indeed, you are bound too, {playerName}. You bring blinding light to blinding darkness.

A Watchtower, ancient and powerful, is your next destination. Vela. A treasure you seek, at its peak.

In Progress

The watchers in the tower, what is it they watched for?

Is it the same now as it was then?
My sight grows stronger as you appear, and what did you find... a spyglass? An object that gives a view across Mourningdale.

But through this spyglass, I see not across space, but across time…