Ancient Contemplations

Defeat Ancient Guardians at Achernar in Monarch's Bluffs and return to William Heron in the Everfall Settlement.
Level: 16
Quest Giver: William Heron
Turn in NPC: William Heron
Territory: Everfall


XP: 930
Gold: 80.5
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 20


  • Defeat Ancient Guardians at Achernar for William Heron
  • Defeat Celestial Ancient Guardians
    • Quantity: 10



I do, and thanks to you I visited Arcturus and completed my research there.

I'm almost certain the Ancients had methods of defending against the Corruption.

In Progress

The ruins of Achernar are in the Monarch's Bluffs territory. Reduce the number of Guardians there, and I will go myself.
I can smell the Monarch's Bluffs pollen from here.

Well done. I will begin preparations to visit Achernar myself right away.