Anatomy of the Heart

Search for any remaining Ancient artifacts within the ruins of Sha Makogai. Then report to Legatus Fulvius in the Reekwater Settlement.
Level: 60
Quest Giver: Aulus Fulvius
Turn in NPC: Aulus Fulvius
Territory: Reekwater

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: Paths Unseen


XP: 3750
Gold: 157.5
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 30


  • Travel to Sha Makogai and locate any remaining Ancient artifacts
  • Collect Tablets from Sha Makogai
  • Search for clues about the creation of the Ancient Guardians



The ruins of Sha Makogai - they appear to have been the seat of the Ancients' power in this region.

If you're willing, and very careful… any artifacts remaining there may tell us more. Mars protect you, my friend.

In Progress

The ruins of Sha Makogai have been explored before, but perhaps something remains there of interest.
You have proven quite capable, my friend, and helpful too. Let me see what you've recovered.

Indeed, a functioning Guardian Heart... and opened? What's this inside? An azoth crystal, and... vines? From a Dryad, no less.