An Unpleasant Task

Defeat the soulless Drowned and try to put them back to rest, and report back to Watcher Reese at the Everfall Watchtower.
Level: 1
Quest Giver: Leyson Reese
Turn in NPC: Leyson Reese
Territory: Everfall


XP: 200
Gold: 38.75
Azoth: 0


  • Investigate the Shipwreck marked on your map
  • Defeat Drowned
    • Quantity: 3



I came from the Everfall Settlement to check the beach after the nasty storm that sank your ship.

And to deal with your less fortunate crewmates, I suppose.

In Progress

Check your map and hunt down those undying unfortunates in the shipwreck.

Try not to lose yourself in the process, and count yourself lucky you're not among them.